FDA Says No To Labels On Food From Genetically Engineered Animals


In a recent announcement, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says there is no reason to require labels for foods made from animals that were genetically engineered and sold to American consumers.  The animals themselves will require labels designating them as genetically engineered, once such an animal is created that passes the FDA approval process.  Thus far, no such animals have met approval for marketing.

The announcement was met with controversy.  Those in favor of genetic engineering of animals intended as part of the agricultural industry say the genetic manipulation will create livestock that grows faster, produces less toxic waste, and is more resistant to disease.  They also claim the foods derived from these animals will be healthier for the consumer.

Against using genetically modified animals in the nation’s food supply are those who think altering the molecular structure of these animals comes with the risk of unintended or unimagined long-term consequences.  Many opponents of the FDA decision say the consumer should know which food products come from genetically altered animals in order to make wiser choices of their own.

Clare Swinney

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Fri Jan 30 , 2009
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