Zeitgeist Screening Auckland 15 March 2009

Details are as follows:


Date: Sunday, March 15, 2009
Time: 8:00pm – 11:30pm
Location: The Academy Cinema
Street: 44 Lorne Street
City: Auckland, New Zealand
8PM – People should arrive to socialize in
the foyer before hand/ collection of pre booked tickets
Moving into the cinema – we have a comedian to lift the mood
8.30PM – Screening of ‘Zeitgeist Addendum’
10.30PM – Short Question and Answer
11PM – PowerPoint presentation
11.30PM – Finish

To pre book tickets (this is the only option, NO TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE NIGHT)
Email your full name or names to

Tickets are $5 Per Person – PLEASE NOTE – Cash Only
Don’t let the price fool you no expense has been spared,
it is a non-profit event.

PLEASE make your decision to attend a commitment as it is a
non profit event we can not afford to have empty seats.

What will the event cover and are you aiming for general admission or a targeted audience?
More than anything we are aiming to attract open minded people that have that underlying feeling
that the world is not right, belief that it can change and that genuinely want to do something about it.

We will be screening Zeitgeist Addendum. After the film I will be holding a Questions and Anwser session to
help people understand the concept more thoroughly. After that there will be an in depth explanation/plan for
activism on a global scale the likes the world has never seen!

What is the goal?
The goal is real freedom. Not the illusion we walk in the midst of everyday of our lives, being poisoned by industry,
enslaved by debt and controlled by self preserving mechanisms of the established power elite. Humanity needs to
come together, and collectively recognize its common interests for well being, and work in harmony by sharing its
ideas and resources through education, high level innovation and creativity, to achieve a sustainable society, where
no one is left behind.

Imagine a world without debt and servitude; where the earth is utilized for its maximum potential without pollution or
environmental destruction, and where acts of war, competition and other forms of corruption are nothing more than
historical footnotes in future history books.

When we understand that sustainable progress does not come from competing with each other for property or
identity, but rather from working together, we begin to see how paralyzed, distorted and, in many ways, imprisoned,
our current world society is.

Please feel free to email it to as many people as you can and I sincerely thank you for your interest, I guess you could
say the more ‘important’ media and organisation networks that attend or endorse the concept the more effect we will
have at launching it with some solid footing.

Please feel free to contact me 24/7 if need be.
My name is Jason Barnett
Cell number: 0212514665
Home number: 03 8324488 (living in christchurch at the moment for work)
Generally reside in Pakuranga, Auckland
I will be flying up to auckland on 13th of February till the 16th
and will also be flying up on the 11th of March till the 16th


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