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Uncensored Magazine Issue#49 Out Now!


In This Issue:

Peruvian Mummy: Human? Alien? Hoax? Uncensored presents intriguing images and information on this controversial archaeological specimen on Page 64

Sex Robots In Japan: our interaction with robots has gone from science fiction to reality with startling speed, and Uncensored examines the bizarre directions the relationship between man and machine are taking on Page 39

Jared Kushner: Does Trump’s enigmatic Son-In-Law belong to a doomsday Cult? See the claims and evidence for yourself on Page 18

Illuminating Pop Stars: The images speak for themselves, see Page 49

Chemotherapy can Spread Cancer: Read the evidence on Page 79

You’re also sure to be informed by:

Uncensored think for yourselfExposing The Transgender Agenda (Page 42)

How To detox From Fluoride (Page 85)

The HUGE Revolt on Mandatory Vaccination (Page 28)

Did Europe Surrender To Radical Islam? (Page 10)

 The War On Logic (page 80)

And we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s in Issue#49 of Uncensored Magazine!

“Think For Yourself”


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Operation Gas Pump is Here – A World Wide Call to Action Start Waking Up the World Today!

When Evil comes a knocking, #OpGASPUMP WARRIORS RISE UP!
Suzanne Maher is sending out “10” more #OpGASPUMP Packages Today!! AWESOMENESS!
We are the RESISTANCE!
Order yours today!
Click here:……

By Suzanne Maher

Operation Gas Pump is Here – A World Wide Call to Action Start Waking Up the World Today!

Help make this initiative global, insert a Bye Bye Blue Sky business card after you go to fill up gas. A simple, yet extremely effective calling card to wake people up to the toxic aerosol dumps. Be creative and also leave the cards at restaurants, beauty salons, advertising boards in shopping malls, health clinics, gyms. The “sky” is the limit. Keep “paying it forward” so we can reach thousands upon thousands of people with our message.

You may purchase the business cards directly through Bye Bye Blue Sky or Pam Jones ( 50 cards for $10 or 100 cards for $20. All donations received for cards will go to funding billboards. Pam Jones will be looking at getting a board up in California with the funds we receive from the business cards


Operation Gas Pump is a fun “thumb your nose at the chumps”

Spraying their toxic aerosol dumps

Let’s turn the tables and give them a few lumps

Insert a Bye Bye buiness card in all the gas pump slots

Then away you will happily trot

Until the arrival of the next lot

Arrive to get their gas

They will pick up their pass

And continue the thread

The global initiative will spread

Truth with persistence

We are the Constructive Resistance!!

Alert! Heads Up For Amarillo. Texas: Radiation Exposure

 Thank you Larry Battis ~ from email (Via Rose at

This is an extract from an article that will be posted in Veterans Today this coming Saturday, June 17, by Bob Nichols’. Please look for his update if you live anywhere around this area.

Amarillo and Points East and North East

It was the 5th of June in 2017 in Amarillo town down in Texas and the Total Gamma Radiationsoared from 3,000 CPM to over 9,000 CPM in just hours. Amarillo has endured 39,053,762 CPM in the past year plus two weeks or 54 weeks total. I don’t see how they can bear it.  There will be no word of warning on the radiation exposure since Amarillo is the current US hub for
nuclear weapons assembly, maintenance and repair. In a few years it will be a National Sacrifice Zone, like the others.

All I can say now is “Those poor civilians? God help them, they are in the Rad.”

It is very possible Amarillo, Texas will be the cursed successor to Hanford and Rocky Flats nuclear disasters, along with St Louis, MO and Carlsbad, NM.  The US Nuclear Security teams have a habit of blowing up and destroying enemy nuclear services.  The US did so at Mayak, Russia.  It is arguable that the hundreds of fires at Hanford and Rocky Flats were just the Red Team getting some payback. All this nuclear spook stuff has “plausible deniability,” of course. Make Your best guess.

Rad Readings Source: RadNet, A Directorate of the US EPA. Amarillo, TX Total Gamma Radiation was about 3,000 CPM at 03:58 Hours on June 5, 2017 and about 9,300 CPM at 13:00 [1:00PM, June 5, 2017.]

Tech note: the 39 Million Total Gamma Rad figure is the accumulated total gamma Rad at the Amarillo EPA Rad monitor readings in 54 weeks.

I’ll keep you advised. Watch for my updates in Veterans Today filed under the ironic VT Category:  Life.

This is Bob Nichols reporting.

Cannaphobia in New Zealand: Speaking tour by US legalisation author announced by Cannabis Party

Cannaphobia in New Zealand: Speaking tour by US legalisation author announced by Cannabis Party



The Cannabis Party is pleased to announce a speaking tour by a prominent US legalisation author.

Dr David Bearman, authour of ‘Drugs are not the devil’s tools’, will be touring the country in May.

The tour will be entitled Cannaphobia in New Zealand. Detail are below:


At last, an intelligent discussion on medicinal cannabis in NZ………

Are you curious?


Californian drug specialist, medicinal cannabis prescriber

and author of “Drugs are NOT the Devil’s Tools”

Speaking tour includes;

Thursday, May 11th Wellington [Rotary talk, meeting with Peter Dunne (TBC)]

Friday, May 12th Christchurch [Grand Round at CHCH hospital, Rotary talk (TBC)]

Saturday, May 13th Nelson

– public talk with Q&A @ the beautiful Boathouse 11am-1pm

Monday, May 15th Golden Bay

-public talk with Q&A @ the Golden Bay Community Centre 7pm-9pm

– May 14, fundraiser [details coming soon]

Keep an eye on for confirmation of the venues.



Coming To Dunedin!


Global Chemtrail Summit

In the Oregon area?

Should be a worthy happening to attend.


Because Justice Is Never Too Late

Reopen Kennedy Case (ROKC) is proud to announce the first JFK conference to be held at the Mercure, Melbourne this November.
The JFK assassination could be considered a strictly American affair if not for the Super Power status it holds. When the US sneezes, the rest of the world may well, as the saying goes, catch cold. But when a US president is assassinated, the rest of the world catches on. Catches on that something is very, very wrong. Fifty-one years is too long waiting for justice in one of the biggest crimes of the last century.
The internet has helped make the case a global phenomenon. There are pockets of interest in Canada, across Europe and here in the Antipodes. That interest translates into research, writing and lobbying efforts. In the UK, it has also translated into copying the annual conferences held by our brothers and sisters in the US – those diehards who continue railing against the tide.
ROKC ( has announced experts well versed in assassination evidence from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and homegrown in Australia who will speak to attendees of the two day conference. Speakers include the world’s leading expert on the Secret Service, Vincent Palamara, and Australia’s own author of the book ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War’, Greg Parker, as well as Gayle Nix Jackson, the author of the book ” Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film”. Jim DiEugenio, all round assassination expert and renowned author and Sherry Fiester who wrote the highly praised ” Enemy Of The Truth”. With more speakers to be confirmed.
We are proud to announce an exhibition of related materials kindly supplied by Peter Morris including Jack Ruby’s jacket, and a picket from the original wooden fence on the knoll. The conference will be held over two days on the 21st and 22nd of November at the Spring Street Mercure conference rooms in Melbourne. Tickets can be bought for the 21st, 22nd or both days.
The running theme of the conference is ‘Because Justice Is never Too Late’ and throughout there will be guides on actions that can still be taken and work being done that needs support to get this case reopened. As J. Edgar Hoover said ” I can assure you that as far as the FBI is concerned, the case will be continued in an open classification for all time.”
Now we need to keep them to their word.
The Conference is suitable for anyone with an interest in this case, any of the hidden history of the Cold War or the political assassinations of the ‘60’s. Afternoon teas, lunch and a discount on rooms at the Mercure for attendees. Tickets can be bought at but seating is limited so get in quick. You can also find Reopen Kennedy Case on facebook:
webpage for the conference:



Kia Ora! Hello! Talofa! Hola! Bonjour! Namaste!

Invite your friends, whanau and workmates to be an accomplice with you THIS SATURDAY March 7 to voice your opposition to the planet being treated like a global monopoly board game to make real the psychopathic world domination plots of the super-rich.
Around the world, governments are giving away a level of sovereign power to a global investment class in accordance with the strictures of a strategy known as new constitutionalism. This strategy seeks to expand markets by locking in the changes within a supranational jurisdiction, thereby restricting the democratic participation of nationally-based publics and indigenous peoples.

‘New constitutionalism’ is embedded into theTrans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Armies of professionals, sponsored politicians and elite technocrats are working on what is essentially a global neo-colonial project (AKA globalization), which is an economic war framework directed by the super-rich.[ii]

From the leaked chapters, we know that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will:

Give transnational corporations the capacity to directly sue governments in secret tribunals;
Allow foreign investment and financial speculation to be even less restricted;
Undermine protections for labour, while strengthening copyright claims over workforce creativity;
Roll-back environmental protections written into legislation, regulations, and bylaws;
Dismantle obligations to treaties that protect general human rights, indigenous rights, and nature;
Favour anti-competitive cartels of transnational corporations that undermine small-scale producers;
Allow big pharmaceutical corporations to charge more for medicines;
Undermine popular dissent by privileging the fiction of investors’ ‘commercial sovereignty’.
N.B. Action words were italicized to sublimely trick you into participating enthusiastically!

[i] SEE: It’s Our Future Resources Page
at;; and also: TPP Watch at

[ii] SEE “Code Purple: Whistle Blowing on ‘Free markets’, the ‘Shock Doctrine’ and ‘New Constitutionalism’” at; and also: A Poorly Understood ‘Bargain’: How Democracy and the 60s Movements became Orphans in the ‘Free Market’ Era at



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