Serious Adverse Reactions To Gardasil Swept Under Carpet By Dr Nikki Turner of NZ’s Immunization Advisory Centre

Gardasil Vaccine
On the 24th of February, Dr Nikki Turner of the Immunisation Advisory Centre gave a presentation about Gardasil to 28 members of the public in Whangarei at the Forum North events centre.   Although people were advised by The Whangarei Report that this meeting was to help them become informed, in my opinion, it was designed to do anything but.  The public were treated like mushrooms by Dr Turner – they were fed manure and kept in the dark.
At the start of the meeting Dr Turner was asked for clarification on whose data she was presenting and when she stated that it was derived from Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil,  I advised that a whistleblower who had worked for Merck had indicated that their research data on the HPV vaccine was not trustworthy.  While Dr Turner did not dismiss this claim, she did not seem particularly concerned and moved back to the presentation.
On the topic of warts Dr Turner mentioned that Gardasil was useful in preventing these.  When I questioned her about the reports of people getting warts as a result of having the vaccine, she denied that this was occurring and implied the media had misled the public.   The media has not.  Here are 3 excerpts published on pages 4 and 5 of a Judicial Watch report on the Gardasil vaccine that link shots to the subsequent development of warts:
Two days after receiving the first dose of Gardasil, the patient developed groin warts. There is no known history of these warts. The patient came back in about a month later and was given the second dose of Gardasil.
days after receiving the second dose, the patient had a huge outbreak of warts.   VAERS ID: 292052-1

Information has been received from a consumer concerning her 17-year-old daughter with no medical history and an allergy to sulfa, who on 28-SEP-2007 was vaccinated with a first dose of Gardasil . . . Prior to being vaccinated with Gardasil the patient was tested for HPV and genital warts and all her test came back negative. On 15-OCT-2007 the patient experienced a fever, and broke out with white bumps that were diagnosed as genital warts. VAERS ID: 301339-115

“Outbreaks were not limited simply to genital warts. Some patients experienced outbreaks of warts on the face, hands, and feet. All warts are caused by strains of the papilloma virus, but it is surprising that Gardasil, which was modeled to protect only against genital warts, would cause outbreaks of warts caused by other strains of the papilloma virus.” (Refer p. 5).
The VAERS reports Judicial Watch acquired included 78 separate cases where, after receiving the vaccine, patients experienced outbreaks of warts.
What was most disturbing about this presentation, was that while she mentioned that a variety of organisations were collecting information on the adverse reactions that were occurring, such as the VAERS,  she failed to mention the thousands of adverse reactions and the deaths that have been reported to the bodies.   Instead she minimized the problems and claimed that a major concern with this vaccine was that girls were “fainting,”  which she implied was simply due to being pricked by a needle.
The only serious adverse reactions she mentioned as having occurred related to two girls in Spain.  She said Spanish health authorities had withdrawn tens of thousands of doses of the HPV vaccine because two girls fell seriously ill after receiving doses of it. Tellingly, Dr Turner put what happened in Spain down to a bad “batch,” while failing to mention that similar serious adverse reactions were being reported elsewhere, and in large numbers, including by the mainstream media.

As she had minimised the adverse reactions, when she asked if anyone had any questions at the end of the presentation, I said: “In October 2008, over 10,000 adverse reactions, including 27 deaths had been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in relation to Gardasil. Yet, the CDC and the FDA are alleging that the vast majority , or even all of these cases are not related to the vaccine. They are therefore saying Gardasil is “safe.” Could you tell me why the documents related to how they arrived at this decision that it is safe, in spite of all the adverse reactions that have been reported, are being kept hidden from the public?”
She answered by saying that she was aware of the reactions that had been reported.  She did not answer the question as to why the documents were being kept from the public though.

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