Council on Foreign Relations – Reshaping the World Order

This following dispatch was posted today by Mber at Alex Jones’ Forum, which is an excellent source for in depth information about the New World Order:

Council on Foreign Relations – Reshaping the World Order

I don’t know if any of you read the Foreign Affairs magazine the CFR puts out, but I was at my local library today and spotted these gems.

The article is entitled, “Reshaping the World Order” by Stephan G. Brooks and William C. Wohlforth

Here’s some quotes…they give you a good idea of how they’re gonna go about ushering in this new economic system.

“Unfortunately, to acknowledge that revising the institutional order has happened frequently in the past and that the United States retains the power and legitimacy to lead this effort reveals nothing about how to do it. What is the best way for Washington to go about the job? From centuries of state practice and academic theorizing, five general precepts have emerged that are especially relevant to the United States today: play up the reciprocal benefits of the proposed reform, make sure the revised framework provides public goods, link the proposed order to the current order, strategically exploit inconsistent objections to the proposals, and persuade others that change is needed.” p 59.

This is just right in your face. Obama seems to be doing ALL of these right now, and will continue to do them in the future no doubt.

“The more the goals of the proposal seem to contradict the US` other positions in other contexts, the more hypocritical and self-serving the US will appear.” p60.

I picked this quote out because it shows exactly how we must combat the NWO. We need to spread the information that contradicts the system.

“Updating the current architecture of international institutions which are so out of sync with the modern world, is imperative if new global challenges are to be met and the national interests of the United States are to be best advanced. No other state is in such a favorable position to promote institutional shifts and the US will not always have this opportunity. The time to seize is now.” p63.

We can expect the US to spearhead the Greening and sustainability of everything from our personal lives to the economics of the world.

“An action may come to be seen as illegitimate without sparking an irreversible crisis of legitimacy.” p57

Problem, Reaction, Solution.


Clare Swinney

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