French Vogue: Devil Worship is the new Black


Do the pictures shown indicate French fashion is latching on to the idea that Satanism and the rise of the Fourth Reich is the in thing?  For those who were not aware that some of those in power seem to relish engaging in occult rituals watch the Alex Jones documentary Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and see this talk by Ted Gunderson.  Gunderson, a former FBI agent gathered evidence, which he presents, that shows that children have been used in Satanic rituals in the US and that this activity has been concealed by those in power.   Yes, the truth is stranger than fiction and may be  Stanley Kubrick’s  film Eyes wide Shut was closer to the truth than most people realised.



Clare Swinney

One thought on “French Vogue: Devil Worship is the new Black

  1. Bohemian Grove – style ceremony in relation to the Christchurch quakes:
    Take a good look at the site and links..this was a “Burning Man” event largely funded by American interests linked to witchcraft and pagan sacrifice ceremonies!

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