March 20, 2009

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We are now one week away from March 27th, the day when the Guilt Upon Accusation law Section 92A is due to come into effect. The CFF put out a press release today <> giving a quick history of how we got here, and in this newsletter we have information on what you can do today to help.

The decision on S92A may be made as soon as a cabinet meeting on Monday, so we’re asking you to write TODAY to the coalition politicians about this. It doesn’t need to be long, it can just be a few sentences and you might find some ideas here <>. As always please keep it polite and but firm, as it’s not only decent behaviour it’ll be more persuasive that way.

National: , , , , And please send supportive emails urging the coalition partners speaking out against S92A to follow through
United Future:
ACT: ,
Also The Maori Party voted against it at the time: RECENT NEWS

* One Week Until Guilt Upon Accusation Law In NZ. <> With only seven days until the Guilt Upon Accusation law, Section 92A of the Copyright Act, is due to come into effect the Creative Freedom Foundation has renewed calls for National to repeal S92A and replace it with a workable alternative. Intended to protect artists, the controversial law has been rejected by a majority of them with over 9,000 artists, including Yulia, Glyn MacLean, Luke Buda (Phoenix Foundation), Luke Rowell (Disasteradio) and Imon Star (Olmecha Supreme), calling for a sensible alternative. Gray Bartlett MBE has stated that “The sledgehammer approach across the board, will totally dampen artistic and musical talent, most especially new and young talent”.

* Glyn MacLean speaks from experience as he’s built three multi-million dollar music retail/wholesale businesses and is the manager for multi platinum artist Yulia. He has written a guest post describing his experiences with music in New Zealand, how APRAs own disputes resolution process failed, as well speaking directly on the issue of Section 92A. Read on at <>

* A Response to Roger Shepherds Article <>. Today’s Dominion Post published an opinion piece by Roger Shepherd about Section 92A. The article talks passionately about New Zealand music and then decides that S92A is the solution. Our response


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