New Documentary: Evidence of Revision Part 6: Operation Mongoose Killed MLK Forum

Evidence of Revision is one of the most provocative no nonsense documentary series in existence on what really is going on in America.

The first 5 installments examine MK Ultra, government cults, government assassinations of US citizens, etc.

This one goes into MLK and the history of controlled and government sponsored race hatred in america.

Take note of how the US alienated a group of people based on race and then attempted genocide on them (of course this issue stemmed from 400 years of slavery/apartheid, but the continued government collusion is important).patriotact12dees

I am particularly shocked at the dehumanization in America and how now the police state is being built up to deem any race or person a threat to national security and engage in similar conduct.

So when you see the images of people being victimized imagine that to be you or a family member.

The documentary also exposes the government’s assassinations of people who protest illegal wars. MLK’s anti-war stand is what made him a target by the Private Federal Reserve owners and LBJ.  So when anyone protests the illegal wars, take note of how the Federal Reserve sets up these assassinations to avoid obvious patsy CoIntelPro projects.

“First they came for the communists, but I was not a communist so I did not speak up…”

Clare Swinney

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