Flashback: Urine Testing Confirms Autism is Mercury Poisoning

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US Autism & Asperger Association, Inc.

October 1, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC – A new peer-reviewed scientific/medical case study confirms that many children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) suffer from mercury poisoning. The new study, “A Prospective Study of Mercury Toxicity Biomarkers in Autistic Spectrum Disorders” by Mr. David A. Geier and Dr. Mark R. Geier has been published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A (volume 70, issue 20, pgs 1723-1730).
This study utilized urinary porphyrin profile analysis (UPPA) to assess body-burden and physiological effects of mercury in children diagnosed with ASDs.
Using UPPA, Geier and Geier (2007) examined 71 children diagnosed with ASDs, neurotypical siblings, and general population controls. The researchers studied urinary porphyrin patterns using results reported both by the US Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) and the French Laboratoire Philippe Auguste.
Their findings demonstrated that:
* Only the non-chelated patients diagnosed with ASDs had porphyrin patterns indicative of clinical mercury toxicity.
* Treating ASD diagnosed patients with chelating agents resulted in lower mercury-specific urinary porphyrins.
* The UPPA patterns reported were consistent between the two labs used.
The results of the present study confirm and extend previous observations by Nataf et al. (2006) and Geier and Geier (2006) on the use of UPPA profiling to establish the causal role for mercury in ASDs. Additionally, the current findings are consistent with those observed by many other physicians who treat patients diagnosed with both ASDs and mercury toxicity.
Thus, urinary porphyrin profile testing is being successfully used to:
* Demonstrate the role of mercury in ASD populations,
* Identify those children and adults who are mercury poisoned, and
* Track mercury excretion from affected children undergoing treatment.
For the past several years there has been a raging controversy as to whether or not mercury in medicines, especially in vaccines, has caused a dramatic rise in the rate of children diagnosed with an ASD. Many experts have insisted ASDs are caused by some yet-to-be-identified genetic cause. A paper recently published in Nature Genetics described the results of multi-million-dollar genetics study (which studied a thousand-plus families with at least two children diagnosed with an ASD using in-depth genetic screening). Tellingly, the authors reported, “None of our linkage results can be interpreted as ‘statistically significant’…”(The Autism Genome Project Consortium 2007).
With the current study’s results, public health officials should now publicly admit what they have been saying in their private transcripts and memos: Mercury from Thimerosal-containing vaccines and other medicines has been a major cause of ASD cases, which, based on recent CDC estimates (CDC 2007), may exceed a rate of one in 100 children.
Today, any parent, physician, or healthcare provider can easily confirm whether a non-chelated child with an ASD diagnosis is mercury poisoned by having UPPA testing run at either laboratory.
CoMeD’s web site, https://www.Mercury-freeDrugs.org contains:
* Further information on how to order these tests,
* Full copies of the Nataf et al. (2006), Geier and Geier (2006), & Geier and Geier (2007), and
* Some of the many published papers validating the UPPA test.
CoMeD President [Rev. Lisa K. Sykes ( Richmond , VA ) 804-364-8426]
CoMeD Sci. Advisor [Dr. King ( Lake Hiawatha , NJ ) 973-997-1321]
Click here to read”A Prospective Study of Mercury Toxicity Biomarkers in Autistic Spectrum Disorders,” David A. Geier, Institute of Chronic Illnesses, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, Mark R. Geier, MD, PhD, Genetic Centers of America, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Porphyrins are derivatives formed in the heme synthesis pathway and porphyrins afford a measure of xenobiotic exposure. The steps in the heme pathway most vulnerable to heavy metal inhibition are uroporphyrin decarboxylase (UROD) and coproporphyrinogen oxidase (CPOX) reactions. Mercury toxicity was associated with elevations in urinary coproporphyrin (cP), pentacarboxyporphyrin (5cxP), and precoproporphyrin (prcP) (also known as keto-isocoproporphyrin) levels. Two cohorts of autistic patients in the United States and France had urine porphyrin levels associated with mercury toxicity. A prospective study of urinary porphyrin testing at LabCorp ( United States ) and the Laboratoire Philippe Auguste ( France ) involving 71 autism spectrum disorder (ASD) patients, neurotypical sibling controls, and general population controls was undertaken. ASD patients had significant elevations in urinary levels of cP, 5cxP, and prcP relative to controls, and > 50% of ASD patients had urinary
cP levels more than 2 standard deviations above the mean values for neurotypical sibling controls. Significant reductions in urinary 5cxP and cP levels were observed in ASD patients following chelation. A significant correlation was found between urinary porphyrins measured at LabCorp and those measured at the Laboratoire Philippe Auguste on individual ASD patients. The established developmental neurotoxicity attributed to mercury and biochemical/genomic evidence for mercury susceptibility/ toxicity in ASDs indicates a causal role for mercury. Urinary porphyrin testing is clinically available, relatively inexpensive, and noninvasive. Porphyrins need to be routinely measured in ASDs to establish if mercury toxicity is a causative factor and to evaluate the effectiveness of chelation therapy.

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Autism is actually subacute sclerosing panencephalitis caused by the measles vaccine; they changed the name to autism to hide this fact. It is due to demyelination, as is MS, Guillan Barre syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s disease, etc…the only thing that determines the symptoms (and thus the disease the symptoms fit into) is where the nervous system is damaged. This is all explained in the documents on www.drcarley.com.

The measles vaccine has NEVER had mercury in it. But, of course the autistic children have mercury in them, because many of the other vaccines they receive had it. This mercury scam is being distributed because they want people to beLIEve that if they take the mercury out, vaccines will be safe. A bigger lie has never been told. The inoculation of viruses corrupts the immune system, as also explained on my website.

I have developed a protocol using natural therapies which reverses all autoimmune diseases (including autism) and cancer, in people and in pets. I have offered a $10,000 reward for any vaccine or “mercury as the cause of autism” promoter to come on my internet radio show and prove my documents wrong. Over 1 year later…NO TAKERS, including David Kirby (author of “Evidence of Harm”). Listen to a show I did with him, which is posted on my website. He refuses to respond to the many e-mails I have sent him since that show to come on my show…because he KNOWS he is lying to the parents of the autistic children. He is a disinformer, which is why he has gotten so much press.

In Service to the TRUTH, I AM,
Rebecca Carley, MD
Court Qualified Expert in VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases)

US Autism & Asperger Association, Inc. sent me an e-mail back; my response is alternated with their questions:

Dr. Rebecca Carley’s reply below:

On 10/3/07, US Autism and Asperger Association < information@usautism.org > wrote:

Dr. Carley:

I want to understand your comments. First, are you saying that Thimerasol had nothing to do with the neurological problems associated with so many kids today. That although huge numbers of kids who have levels of mercury toxicity are in no way affected by having these toxic levels in their bodies?
No, I am not saying that thimerosol has nothing to do with neurological problems.  Mercury is toxic to the brain.  The term “mad hatter” came about because people who made felt hats where mercury was used to make the brims stiff became “mad”; i.e., had personality changes.  Became enraged, etc.  However, autism is not due to mercury.  It is one of many demyelinating diseases.  It is called subacute sclerosing panencephalitis in my medical books.  They changed the name to autism to hide that it is a vaccine induced disease. Please read my attached documents to understand the mechanism.  Not only have I explained the mechanism and proven that they intentionallly changed the name to hide the true cause, but the protocol I have developed (which reverses all autoimmune diseases and cancer) proves that the inoculated viruses are the primary assault, because when these viruses are detoxed with homeopathic nosodes, that is when the greatest improvement occurs.  I have reversed close to 2,000 cases of autism, PDD , learning disabilities, and ADD with my protocol.  They are all the same pathophysiology, to different degrees.  However, pesticides and some mold toxins also cause demyelination.  So my protocol addresses all toxins, not just the measles and pertussis viruses (which are the main 2 demyelinating viruses).
The first diagram on my website (the big picture) shows the cause of ALL diseases.
I appreciate your theory as well as all others who are doing everything they can to help all of our kids with “this disease.”
With all due respect, my explanation is not a theory.  It is self evident fact (validated my Harrison’s Principles of Internal medicine), backed up with my scientific research.
As far as the “others”, most are disinformers knowingly misleading people.  In my book I will list many of them who promote mercury (David Kirby), stealth viruses (John Martin),  the “environment”(multiple individuals), genetics (the “scientists” from NAAR), lymes disese (Garth Nicholson) and the kitchen sink as the cause of autism, as all these point away from the inoculation induced corruption of the immune system.
The Geiers did not say that mercury causes autism. They reported that only the non-chelated patients diagnosed with ASDs had porphyrin patterns indicative of clinical mercury toxicity.
I know what they said.  However, it is being interpreted by the public that mercury causes autism, as they intended, because the goal is to get people to beLIEve the lie that if mercury is taken out of vaccines, they will be safe.
Are you saying that Thimerasol should not be taken out of vaccines?
I am saying that INOCULATIONS CAUSE ALL AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE AND CANCER; CAUSING VIDS (VACCINE INDUCED DISEASES), WHICH IS THE BIGGEST EPIDEMIC THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN.  It is an insane practice that should be ceased immediately.  The foreign DNA which is being injected into people corrupts our own DNA, and has the potential to lead to the extinction of humanity.  Rather, there are natural supplements and whole, organic foods that can be used to build up the immune system.
Are you also saying that your opinion is consistent with Dr. Wakefield regarding the measles virus (autistic enterocolitis)?
Wakefield does not see the forest for the trees.  The measles virus injected into children cannot be pushed out of the body because of the immune system corruption as explained in my attached documents.  He found it in the gut; but it is in the CSF, the brain, and lymph nodes throughout the body, where it causes the production of anti-measles antibody which, thru molecular mimicry (due to similarity between measles and myelin basic protein antibodies), attacks the myelin sheath, causing demyelination.
Would you also disclose any alliances you have  or had with any pharmaceutical firms now or previously.
I would LOVE to. My only child was taken from me because the judge in my divorce case (Peter Skelos) is brothers with the NYS senator (Dean Skelos) who writes all of the vaccine legislation in that state due to HIS involvement with the pharma cartels. My medical license was taken away from me due to my alleged “delusion of conspiracy” based on my public access TV show in which I revealed the aforementioned (even though I have never had any complaints against me by a patient, even when I was a surgeon).  Too much to type; if you want to learn more, listen to my interview by the chiropractic leadership alliance on www.drcarley.com (it is about one hour).  I have also had multiple attempts on my life.
You mentioned that you are a Court Qualified Expert. Have you testified in any Thimerasol court cases?
NO.  Because thimerosol does not cause autism. Which is why these cases are ocurring.  It is a DISTRACTION.
I would be interested in your natural therapies protocol and if you have a Powerpoint presentation that explains it,
The “big picture” of my protocol is the last diagram on my site.  It must be individualized for each person based on their history.  I am presently developing a course to teach and certify others to do my protocol; at present, I have around 100 people all over the globe who are going to take my course; it should be ready by the end of this year.
I ‘d like to review it with my advisory board. Thank you for your work.
After reviewing the above, let me know if you have any questions.  I would be happy to come in person and answer any questions you and your board may have, and in person, give my presentation which is based on all 4 of my diagrams (I would only ask that my expenses be covered). I have dedicated my life to stopping this holocaust on people and pets, and I am looking for those genuinely interested in the truth to join me.

Rebecca Carley, MD


L. P. Kaplan, PhD
Founder and Executive Director
US Autism and Asperger Association
P.O. Box 532
Draper, UT 84020-0532
Author of  Diagnosis Autism: Now What? 10 Steps to Improve Treatment Outcomes and contributor to  The Official Autism 101 Manual and EBook

Disclaimer: Private and Confidential Intended only for the person to whom addressed. All other review and distribution is prohibited. Call US Autism and Asperger Association at 801-649-5752 with questions.

Dr Carley Responds to Dr. Kaplan’s disclaimer...although this e-mail to me was private and confidential, my response is not.  I only include the private questions so you can make sense of the public response.  You will also notice that the news release sent out by this group was entitled “Urine Testing Confirms Autism is Mercury Poisoning“.  Note that Dr. Kaplan writes in his response to my e-mail that “The Geiers did not say that mercury causes autism. They reported that only the non-chelated patients diagnosed with ASDs had porphyrin patterns indicative of clinical mercury toxicity”. No, the Geiers found mercury in children with autism.  It is Dr. Kaplan’s group that twisted it to say that mercury CAUSES autism.  Isn’t it funny how that change happened?  Let’s see if the Geier’s go back and test these same children for anti-myelin antibodies….or if Dr. Kaplan’s group retracts their “news release”…

Please send this to everyone you know who cares about this topic.  I invite all those who dispute what I say to come on my internet radio show and prove me wrong.  The $10,000 offer on my site for over a year stands. You may want to send Dr Kaplan a copy of this update, and ask him to cc: you on his response to me. Why aren’t these autism groups who are promoting everything but demeylination as the cause of autism banging down my door to come on my show, prove me wrong, and collect?  Why aren’t all of you donating to these groups (including the National Vaccine Information Center, which is backed with Big Pharma funds) asking the hard questions of those you have donated to?

In Service to the TRUTH,  I AM,
Rebecca Carley, MD
Court Qualified Expert in VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases)

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YouTube of second Interview of Dr Rebecca  Carley with Alex Jones (12th of March 09)

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