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It Is Not A Theory Anymore. Conspiracy Theory is Conspiracy Fact.

April 2, 2009

The New World Order never was a theory, just a hidden truth and of course, it will impact on New Zealand.  It already is.

One world currency, one world government, FEMA camps and a police state.   These are just some of the topics that are now hitting the mainstream media in the US, after people have been trying to warn others about them in the alternative media for years, and been called “kooks” and “conspiracy theorists” for doing so. See the Video: It’s Not A Theory Anymore.

Who are the new rulers of the world today? The World Bank & The International Monetary Fund (IMF). Controlling our financial systems and fabricating “crises” for their own personal gain.

Don’t be a slave to the New Word Order.  Do away with fear. Educate, research, hand out DVDs and CDs, and express your thoughts while you still can.


Could this be a potential camp facility in New Zealand, formerly the old GM plant, adjacent the Trentham Army base?

Hannity, Morris Agree with “Conspiracy People” About New World Order

E-Book:  The Police State Road Map by M. Nield

E-Book: Order Out Of Chaos by P. J. Watson

Hear Bill Clinton’s reply to a woman who asks him About the UN taking over parts of the US and the rumours about “concentration camps”.


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