Flashback: Max Keiser On Financial Controlled Demolition Just Like 911

April 3, 2009

This is a very interesting and forthright interview with journalist and mk-ptv6-smbroadcaster Max Keiser.   Keiser draws parallels between the financial meltdown and 9/11.  He says that in his opinion, Hank Paulson, the [former] US Treasury Secretary, has effectively hijacked the US financial system.  He is a financial terrorist, no different than the 9/11 hijackers says Keiser.

He also refers to Building 7 collapsing on 9/11 with the Enron records in it, as evidence that the financiers will stop at nothing to “keep their dirty laundry a secret.”

Watch the interview here.


Max Keiser’s website.

To learn about the current US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner and how the bankers have hijacked the financial system, watch The Obama Deception, the excellent new documentary by Alex Jones.

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