Parliamentarians for Global Action: Are These MPs Traitors to the People of New Zealand?

Traitors Within the NZ Parliament? Parliamentarians for Global Action (formally known as Parliamentarians for World Governance), a covert group operating in the NZ House of Parliament.

By Lorraine Smith, 8th of April 2009.

I have been reading a book written by Denis McKenna called The Sellout of New Zealand, which was published in December 1989.  I found it purely by chance while searching through the library archives.   The main theme of this book is the invasive and dangerous introduction of communistic policy under the guise of a socialist agenda into unsuspecting countries – New Zealand being one of these countries – and the intention of the international bankers and elite to form a fascist world government as many people have been exposing for years.

The chapter that I wanted to provide you information on regards a secret group operating in the NZ House of Parliament called the Parliamentarians for Global Action which was previously called the Parliamentarians for World Governance.  The New Zealand group is a sub-group of the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government that first appeared in 1952, with a specific blue-print for the organisation of world government.  When this book was published more than half the current MP’s in New Zealand were members of this covert group.

The following passages are a direct quote from Denis McKenna’s book:

“Following a meeting at Ashville in North Carolina in February 1947 an organisation going under the title ‘United World Federalists’ was formed.  The brains behind it were two men who were members of American’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Mr Norman Cousins and Mr James P Warburg of the international banking family”.

“The world federal government would be based upon the following principles and would include the following precepts:  “Membership open to all nations without the right of secession….World laws should be enforceable against individuals…The world government should have direct taxing power independent of national taxation”.

The World Government would have to tax all the individuals in the world to get the necessary revenues to create large military forces, in order to coerce any recalcitrant members out of the one hundred or so nations….Perhaps it is worth asking whether such a government would be a democratic or autocratic government.

Lord Birdwood spoke of an international Police Force of some 500,000 men and spoke highly of the book World Peace through World Law.

Lord Silken declared:
“What those of us who believe in World Government wants to do is to put teeth into the United Nations Organisation, to make quite sure that a decision given by them will be operative and enforced.  Before you do that, you must have a code of World Law which has been accepted by members of the United Nationals Organisation.”

“So we would endeavour in the first instance to create a world law; a world authority to interpret the law and to make decisions; and a World Police Force to enforce them.

“The United World Federalists’ method of operation was to be “…by making use of the amendment process of the United Nations to transform it into such a world government”.

“Mr Robert Hutchins, Chancellor of the University of Chicago was more specific.  “The nations must surrender their sovereignty to a world government.  All armies, fleets, air forces and atomic bombs must be under world government.  The Panama Canal, Gibraltar, Okinawa, the Dardenelles , Aden, Singapore and the Keil canal must all be under the administration of the world government”.

“The laws of immigration and citizenship must be abolished.  The world government must be formed.  The most important thing is to destroy that dangerous perversion called patriotism”.  The first president of the United World Federalists was L Meyer who in his book, Peace or Anarchy, wrote this chilling threat:  “Once having joined the One World Federal Government, no nation could secede or revolt….because with the atom bomb in its possession, the Federal Government of the World would blow that nation off the face of the earth”.

“The aforementioned James P Warburg appeared before the US Senate Committee in hearings entitled “Revision of the United Nations Charter” in 1950 and said….”the great question of our time is not whether or not one world can be achieved, but whether or not one world can be achieved by peaceful means.  We shall have world government whether or not we like it.  The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or conquest”.

In 1952 the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government appeared.  Douglas Reed in The Battle for Rhodesia wrote from its documents, which said their organisation would take over the existing facilities of the United Nations.  Once that was accomplished the world organisation would set up a directorate composed of a World Director, eight zone Directors, five Commanders and fifty one Regional Directors.  The World Organisation’s Charter would affect security so that the people of the world may live in freedom from fear of war.  To ensure this, substantial armed forces would be stationed around the globe.  It would control the production and distribution of basic foodstuffs, raw and strategic materials.  The rearrangement of the world’s armed forces would require all the world’s armies, navies and air forces to be taken out of the control of sovereign nations and put at the disposal of the World Director.

Imagine the great – “jobs for the boys” under such a plan.  All the officials needed to run the world, would be nominated subject to the approval of the World Director, by designated governments.  It was not stated who would appoint the super-despot, the World Director.

History of the New Zealand Connection.

Working in the New Zealand Parliament right now is the New Zealand branch of Parliamentarians for Global Action.  They have been operating since 1981.

Information on the New Zealand branch of Parliamentarians for World Order (PWO) first came to light when the New Zealand Herald on May 21, 1981 reported that Mr Richard Prebble, Labour Member of Parliament for Auckland Central had been appointed one of 12 councillors of the then one year old body.  The same article said PWO consisted of representatives from 36 countries, and only MP’s could belong.

Mr Prebble subsequently issued a brochure outlining the purpose of the organisation.  It contained nothing but a rehash of all the scheming that had been going on for at least the previous forty years, yet the group was being presented as something new.

As Denis McKenna observes “One would think that if Mr Prebble sincerely believed that the PWO wishes only to assist mankind then he would have willingly supplied information on the group’s activities in New Zealand, as well as a list of the local members of PWO.  However all requests to Mr Prebble for such a list have been refused.  It may be correct, as Mr Prebble states in a letter dated 27 January, 1982 that he could not at that time make a list available without first receiving the permission of members at a general meeting.  Over seven years have passed since then and no list has been forthcoming.  Despite Mr Prebble’s reluctance some information on New Zealand’s members has been gained from various news reports and some members have admitted in private correspondence that they are members.  David Lange said at the time that “almost all Labour MP’s in NZ are members, as well as some National MPs”.

One month after the release of the “Prebble Document” the MP for Auckland Central told Parliament (16 June 1981) that he was a member of PWO and after outlining the world’s problems according to PWO, said: In the final analysis the survival of our planet will depend upon the decisions of only a few thousand politicians…We will not be able to tackle these problems unless we are prepared to cooperate and give up some of our national sovereignty.

Denis McKenna rightly makes the following point “The sovereignty of New Zealand does not belong to Mr Prebble or any other politician it belongs to the people of this nation.  The only Member of Parliament who has ever warned the people about the threat of PWO was Mr Graeme Lee, who in his maiden speech in Parliament on 21 April 1982 expressed his concern about the group:  “The organisation seeks opening to dilute or, if necessary, deny New Zealand’s sovereignty.  It seeks ultimately to replace our own elected representatives with a system of world government.  Any such body in my understanding is acting against our national interests and is suspect in its base.  At the time of writing this book Mr Lee was the only politician with the courage to expose the PWO”.

Helen Clark wrote a letter dated 4th December 1986 confirming that she was the branch secretary of the Parliamentarians for Global Action in NZ.  It appears that as their dealings in NZ were exposed that sometime between May and December 1986 they changed their name and Helen Clark replaced Richard Prebble as head of the group in NZ.   To the lay person Parliamentarians for Global Action is a lot more palatable than Parliamentarians for World Governance.

Mr Lee also commented that “I don’t believe for a moment that the Parliamentarians for Global Action in NZ are sitting down daily to plan a world takeover.  However, because of their alignment as a world wide network of groups, they are inextricably committed to the world governmental philosophies of others.

Current Day Situation

I have done some research on the internet and found this link which makes for very interesting reading as well as confirming that this organisation is still active and that New Zealand MPs are involved.

This source also shows a story referring to Helen Clark titled “PGA Member to head UNDP”.  It also shows Don McKinnon and Helen Clark being recipients of awards within the organisation.  Probably explains why she was successful in securing the role at the UN.

Under ‘membership’ the only two NZ MP’s currently mentioned are Mr. Ross Robertson, MP and Mr Wayne Mapp, MP  however I would say PM John Key is now involved too, along with a number of others.

I searched the NZ Government site, but found nothing significant that would indicate that this group is public knowledge.  I think this deserves some further investigation and public airing.  I doubt many people in New Zealand are aware of our MP’s involvement in a group that is driven to destroy our sovereignty and ensnare us in a dictatorial world government.


Clare Swinney

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