For More From IMVA Publications click here. Part 1 of Stealth Virus, Bacteria and Fungi is here. Stealth Virus, Bacteria and Fungi Part Two The Vitamin D Receptor is a 423-residue long protein consisiting of two domains: DNA binding domain and ligand binding domain (LBD), the latter one pictured above. […]

Counterpunch Diagnostic Abuse of Veterans By STEPHEN SOLDZ Michael de Yoanna and Mark Benjamin in Salon have just published the first of a three-part series on pressure from the military to not diagnose soldiers with PTSD. They obtained a secret recording of a Denver neuropsychologist confessing to his patient, a […]


By Kamal Sadat KHOST, Afghanistan (Reuters) – The U.S. military has conceded that a raid this week by troops under its command in Afghanistan killed a group of civilians who were defending their home, not militants as it had earlier reported. The killing of civilians by foreign forces is the […]