Dutch Publication: Prince Bernhard was deeply involved in weapons trade

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Jurriaan Maessen
April 15, 2009

Although no big surprise for those who have familiarised themselves with the subject, the conclusions of a recently published book on prince Bernhard’s activities should work like a hot cup of coffee for the drowsy and intoxicated.

In the past week the publication ‘the prince can sell me more nonsense’ (as of yet not translated to English) gained some Dutch mainstream media attention. Author and historian Gerard Aalders, senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, has enveloped himself in research concerning Bilderberg-founder Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld. He emerges with some sobering conclusions about the German prince and his international dealings. A bitter pill to swallow for those who are in the habit of surrendering their will to royal bloodlines. In an interview with the Dutch Quote magazine on April 3, Aalders elaborates on the necessity of his book:

globalism   Dutch Publication: Prince Bernhard was deeply involved in weapons trade
Prison doc
Bilderberg-founder Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld.

‘This is the indispensable counterbalance to all those welcome stories about prince Bernhard. (…). This book covers not even 10 percent of the nastiness surrounding Bernhard. The rest is locked up safely behind closed doors. There are many icebergs under as many tips.’

Although there is some sense in the general public of what the prince was up to, he is usually characterised as a somewhat corrupt but nevertheless lovable scoundrel. Aalders asks himself:

How does a man who lies, scams, accepts bribes, cheats on his wife, serves only his own interests, consorts with unreliable individuals, arms deals, corrupts ministers, continuously spreads false stories about himself, remain so extremely popular for so long?’

A just question. Although Bernhard was compromised by a famous bribing scandal in 1976 (the so-called Lockheed affair), it has been thoroughly watered down throughout the second half of the 20th century by constant reinforcement of a mythical Bernhard who supposedly fought the Nazi’s from his hideout in London during the war. As so often is the case, the propaganda bears little resemblance to the truth.

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Bernhard, himself a Nazi in the 1930s, had formally denounced National Socialism in order to work his way up the Dutch (which means German) royal hierarchy. But his loudly proclaimed rejection of Hitler did not mean he disapproved of his methods- as the prince energetically presided over illegal transport of Nazi’s to South America in 1945. In a certain sense he did denounce classic Nazism, for Bernhard realized very early on that it wouldn’t do to side with the Nazi’s in the long run, as they were destined to be crushed between the two rising giants, the United States and Soviet Union: the world’s foremost future management teams. After the war, the German prince took up his place at the table of the board of directors and assumed the role of chairman of the first Bilderberg-conference in 1954. After being asked what the most remarkable new revelations in his book are, Gerard Aalders sums up the most striking:

‘The financial network that Bernhard broached through the Bilderberg-conferences.’, ‘He was deeply involved in weapons trade. The Lockheed bribing scandal is notorious, but he also had dealings with Northrop and Agusta.’
As Aalders’ research shows, the above mentioned corporations are top arms manufacturers with extensive ties to the annual Bilderberg-meetings. Aalders also mentions Berhard’s frequent business trips to Argentina in the 1950s, where the prince managed to arrange a huge railroad contract for the Dutch corporation Werkspoor after both receiving and handing out all kinds of kingly gifts.

Besides huge amounts of money used to pay off the fascist Argentinean command, Evita Peron insisted on being rewarded with some Dutch honorary medal to seal the deal (while singing to the Argentineans, not to cry for her). But the prince’s ambitions did not end with Latin America. His gaze wandered eastward to that other, easily subdued continent- Africa.

Here was a honey pot of immense proportions for the Prussian bear to grope. To get his hands on the natural resources of the continent, Bernhard set up a dummy corporation to steak out the grounds. Its name was the 1001 club and its signboard was painted up with the brightest and noblest colours imaginable. Under the guise of environmentalism the 1001 club was born in 1970 with the aim of raising funds for the World Wildlife Fund (of which prince Bernhard was the first chairman, and top-eugenicist Julian Huxley was the founding father). Aalders comments on the members of the exclusive club in a recently aired news item on Dutch national television:

‘I can’t name all thousand of them, but they were people with a very nasty reputation. The members of this club in their own way had a vested interest to maintain good relations with all kinds of nations in the third world. Especially nations with all kinds of precious resources like oil, gold, diamantes – those kinds of things.’

According to the website of the World Wildlife Fund (currently known as the World Wide Fund for Nature), the club aspired to ‘stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment, and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.’ Decoding the Orwellian cryptics, it simply means ‘to confiscate the planet’s natural resources and conduct eugenics with perfect impunity’. Members of this club? To name the most prominent: the British and French branches of the Rothschild genealogy, David Rockefeller and two of his brothers, king Juan Carlos of Spain, the British Petroleum representative Eric Drake, a plethora of European dukes and princes, viscounts and lords, and (to end on a curious note) sheikh Salem Bin Laden. A true convergence of criminals to be sure. Their game was diabolically simple and effective. Loans were extended to third world nations with very reasonable interest rates on the condition that the loan sharks got to plant their teeth within their borders and suck out the natural resources.

Thanks to the controlled media, facts about the prince have taken their sweet time in coming to light. To prevent waiting another five decades for more information to come out about the current new world order chieftains, it is vitally important to expose their final goals by uncloaking the many pretexts through which they mean to accomplish them. Pillaging nations and imploding economies in the name of the environment remain the favorite activities of the global elite. Like the plundered third world nations, the first world will soon find out that accepting loans from the new world order means certain and lifelong enslavement.

Source:  https://www.quotenet.nl/q-a/onderzoek_prins_bernhard_vuistdiep_in_wapenhandel.php


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