Interviews: Dr Steven Jones & Kevin Ryan Talk About Their Ground-breaking Work Related to the Nano-Thermite in the WTC Dust


jonesryan-300x190These two talks with Dr Steven Jones & Kevin Ryan feature an in-depth discussion on the new paper which has been formally published and peer reviewed by The Open Chemical Physics Journal titled Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe.  In this revolutionary new research paper, discoveries made in the World Trade Center Dust, particularly the red/gray bi-layered chips, are examined in great detail and include evidence of the thermite fingerprint at every juncture.

Download Dr Steven Jones’ interview with  Michael Wolsey here.

Download the interview between host Michael Wolsey and chemist, Kevin Ryan here.


To those who try and claim that thermite was not used, there were clear signs that it was even before the nano-thermite chips were found.  One of the clear signs are in the videos that show the yellow-hot molten metal pouring out from the side of the South Tower, (WTC 2) and the solid structures disintegrating. Refer these two clips:

1. “Shot from street level of South Tower collapsing,” CameraPlanet,


What can account for this?   For more on this refer the below paper by Steven E. Jones ‘Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?’ by Dr. Steven E.
Jones, Journal of 911 Studies, Vol. 3 (September 2006).

Experiments to test NIST ‘orange glow’ hypothesis, by Dr Steven E. Jones,  Ph.D., August 31, 2006

Experiments with Molten Aluminum, Steven E. Jones with Wesley
Lifferth, Jared Dodson, Jacob Stevenson and Shannon Walch, circa June

A description of molten aluminum poured onto rusty steel, Wes
Lifferth, Physics Shop, Brigham Young University, Journal of 9/11
Studies, Vol. 9 (March 2007).

In addition, I am pretty sure you will hear Kevin Ryan mention in the interview posted above, that even official FEMA scientists – (Jonathan Barnett, Ronald R. Biederman, and R. D. Sisson, Jr.) substantiated the evidence that thermate was used to bring down the WTC towers.  Refer Appendix C: Limited Metallurgical Examination in World Trade Center Building Performance Study: Data Collection, Preliminary Observations, and Recommendations, Federal  Emergency Management Agency, FEMA 403, May 2002

More from Steven Jones:  Boston 911 Conference on the December 2007, about the red/gray chips found in the dust samples from the WTC.

Find here links to two further peer-reviewed papers which also relate to the
presence of large quantities of thermite in the dust from the collapsed
WTC 1 and 2:

Kevin R. Ryan, James R. Gourley and Steven E. Jones, “Environmental
anomalies at the World Trade Center: evidence for energetic
materials,” The Environmentalist, August 4, 2008.

Steven E. Jones, Frank M. Legge, Kevin R. Ryan, Anthony F. Szamboti
and James R. Gourley, “Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official
Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction,” Open Civil
Engineering Journal, Vol. 2 (2008), pp. 35-40.

911 Mysteries Part 1 – Demolitions (Full – 1ed.) This 91 minutes documentary covers a wide variety of the evidence that shows that WTC 1,2 and 7 were brought down by demolition explosives.

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