What You Didn’t See On CNN About the Tea Parties

youtube.com — The mainstream media plays dumb about the real meaning of the tea parties. CNN’s “divide and conquer” strategy against the American people backfires.   Watch the YouTube here.

This is how it should have been reported: Watch here.


Flashback: In 2006, CNN’s Roesgen Joked About Bush/Hitler Mask

Watch: ‘The Obama Deception,’ a new documentary by Alex Jones, which exposes the false left-right paradigm.


Clare Swinney

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Fri Apr 17 , 2009
By John S. Hatch April 14, 2009 “Information Clearing House” — -A recent article published in the respected peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal by nine noted scientists offers incontrovertible proof that the dust from the Twin Towers and Building Seven of the World Trade Center contains small intact samples of […]

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