April 20, 2009

UPDATE ON LLOYD PYE AT UNCENSORED SYMPOPSIUM (April 26). Lloyd is our Keynote Speaker.


The recent “UFO Hunters” show for anyone who missed it and might want to see it without waiting for a rerun.

They are listed in five roughly 9 minute segments. The Starchild skull is featured in the last three, so if you don’t want to bother with the first two, go to the one in the middle to start, the one that has four of us standing near a table and says it lasts for 8:53. The next one to view is the next one up, with Bill Birnes in his shades, which says 8:54. Then the last one is at the top, Bill again, and it lasts 8:51. Okay?

Lloyd Pye

Here is a set of YouTube links – comes up in reverse order:


It’s worth watching this just to see the demeanour of the Harvard Scientist change when the skull is placed in his hands…

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