Yet Unseen Photos From A Russian Pilot Taken on 9/11

The pilot who took the photos, states that he doesn’t believe at all that the manoeuvre he witnessed could have been executed by some rookie who just graduated from “Florida Flight School.”

To see the photos and a description of what he saw and thought, go here.


Danish Scientist says Nano-thermite caused collapse of WTC 1 and WTC 2, not planes.  See the YouTube clip here.


Clare Swinney

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Bilderbergers Are Criminals, Traitors According to U.S. Law

Thu Apr 23 , 2009
American Free Press) – ALL AMERICANS WHO PARTICIPATE in secret Bilderberg meetings are criminals and traitors. The Logan Act expressly forbids U.S. citizens to negotiate public policy with representatives of foreign governments. Thus, American officials and private citizens who participate are lawbreaking criminals. U.S. and foreign government officials who attend […]