Interview: Jack Blood Talks With 9/11 Truth Activist John Boncore About his Attempt to Arrest George W Bush

April 24, 2009

ststhumb 9/11 Truth Activist John Boncore, who is widely known as ‘Splitting the Sky’, was on Jack Blood’s Deadline Live show on April the 21st.   Link to the 48.33 minutes interview at his website here.

Hear this hero talk about his life and what led him to attempt to have George W. Bush arrested in Canada in March this year.

There is also a great interview from September last year between radio show host Dr Bill Deagle, who hosts the Nutrimedical hour on the GCN Network, thumbnailserver21and Boncore.

According to Dr Deagle, Boncore has done a better job than anyone at connecting all of the criminal blood money, not only from 9/11, but also from the new 9-11 of the economy.  See what you think.

The interview and the transcript are available here.

And don’t miss this excellent presentation at Google Video by Boncore, entitled: Splitting the Sky – 9/11: Follow The Money.

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