Uncomfortable Revelations From Denis McKenna’s 1989 Book ‘The Sellout of New Zealand’

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By Lorraine Smith

This following information was derived from The Sellout of New Zealand by Denis McKenna, published in 1989.map

A huge tract of South Westland is no longer controlled by New Zealand.  It has been designated part of the World Heritage run by UNESCO.

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee comprises the following nations: Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Guinea, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malawai, Norway, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Yemen and Zaire.  It is a Committee dominated by third world and communist nations.

The area of New Zealand designated for World Heritage status contains significant resources of valuable strategic minerals.  This is most significant considering the influence the international bankers are exerting in the so-called “world conservation” movement.

Mr Ken Borland of Te Awamutu wrote an article in late 1988, which highlighted the fact that a nation could lose control of its natural resources under the guise of preserving them.  It was coined the “Conspiracy of Conservation” and Borland stated that:

“At the fourth World Wilderness Conference, September 1987 held at Estes Park, Colorado, and attended by many leading world bankers including David Rockefeller and Edmund de Rothschild, an outrageously presumptuous plan was advanced for the takeover of 30% of the worlds surface in exchange for remission of the immense and unpayable debts of almost all nations of the world.  Called the Second Marshall Plan, it ostensibly called for paying off these debts as an inducement for the debtor nations to hand over large areas of their threatened environment for its protection and conservation.  The plan, presented by Canadian banker Michael Sweatman, advocated the setting up of a world Conservation Bank (WCB) through the United Nations and under the aegis of the IMF and the World Bank.  It will be capitalised in trillions of dollars of a trust called “The Global Inventory of Wilderness Assets” representing 30% of the worlds surface.

“The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural resources (I.C.U.N.)another U.N. body, has already prepared this inventory of world assets that they consider to be in need of protection.  Under the “Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development”, as adopted by the World Bank and IMF, it will have complex enablements for loan and currency manipulation, having the power to create money, create loans and engage in the relatively unknown financial concept called “Counter-Trade”.  Its field operations will be carried out by a 300,000 man Conservation Corps, (Mr Goff suggested such a Corp for New Zealand).  One of the official hosts of the conference, Mr George Hunt of Boulder, Colorado, an accountant and professor of business management was astounded by the audacity of the scheme.  He explained how in fact the WCB will be set up as a World Federal Reserve and will guarantee all loans held by the eventual private creditors.

“These creditors, the corporate financial empires of the world will use intricate trader and discounting operations all transacted anonymously without publicity or public records, to “buy” the old third world debts at a fraction of their face value through the WCB.  The WCB, in turn, will guarantee the full value of the loans using the collateral of the surrendered Wilderness Assets.  On the surface, the WCB is a responsible United Nations organisation and the debtor nations willingly surrender their constitutional sovereignty over these assets in return for remission of their crippling debts as so called “Debt for Equity Swaps”

“Finally a liquidity crisis will be created.  The WCB will go broke and the creditors will collect the collateral on their loans, ie 30% of the earth’s surface specially selected by I.U.C.N”.

“If New Zealand currently has to borrow money to pay the interest on it colossal national debt, obviously its capacity to repay principle diminishes as the debt compounds.  With our public assets already sold off and debts falling due, we will have no recourse but to accept WCB offers for debt remission in return for sovereignty over our World Heritage Parks, already semi-alienated to UNESCO,  To the gullible public and especially the conservationists it will sound a good deal”.

“Like some latter day Faust, we will wake up too late to the fact that by monetising the intangible of sovereignty, we will have sold our soul to the devil and ownership of a valuable slice of our country has passed into the hands of Edmund de Rothschild, David Rockefeller and Assoc.  Perhaps then it will become clear why World Heritage Parks coincide with our known deposits of valuable strategic minerals.

Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoufZDbdqZg

The following links to an article by Derry Brownfield that the above blogger refers to is here and is entitled ‘Our land – Collateral for National Debt’ https://www.newswithviews.com/brownfield/brownfield59.htm

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