TV3 News update for Fri, 01 May 2009 1:51p.m: https://www.3news.co.nz/Video/New-drug-purchased-to-tackle-swine-flu/tabid/309/articleID/102155/cat/64/Default.aspx#video To summarise: There are only 3 confirmed cases and no deaths. Probable number of cases 13. The WHO needs to do more tests. Suspected number is 136 The Swine flu Hotline is 0800-611-116 Health Minister wants to keep name “swine […]

TheAge.com.au May 1, 2009 – 3:40PM The Australian and New Zealand dollars are the ”most exposed” among major currencies to declines because of the global swine flu outbreak, Barclays Capital said. The World Health Organization may soon declare the first influenza pandemic since the 1968 outbreak that killed 1 million […]

TheAge.com.au Julia Medew    May 1, 2009 AUSTRALIANS could soon be asked to stock their pantries with food and water and prepare for an emergency, according to the Federal Government’s pandemic flu plan. A manual outlining Australia’s response says that when the World Health Organisation moves to phase five, which it […]

Telegraph.co.uk Honda, the Japanese car company, said it was suspending all overseas trips for employees, while the FTSE 100 listed mining company Fresnillo said it was postponing “non-urgent” travel Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Hon Hai, Swiss Re and Adidas were among other companies to place restrictions on travel. If the trend […]


Scoop.co.nz April 29th, 2009 Interesting that John Key began his press conference on Monday by covering off the politics of the swine flu epidemic first. No false modesty from him. New Zealand’s response, he claimed, had been swift, thorough and appropriate. With the nation thus assured of his government’s performance, […]

This YouTube clip includes an enlightening commentary from Congressman Dr Ron Paul, who can remember what happened when swine flu was declared as a serious problem in the US in 1976.   More people died from taking the flu shot than died from swine flu.  He says that people who love […]