Electroshock Therapy


Dear Editor

I went to the High Court 18months ago hoping for compensation for what happened to me in psychiatry many years ago, because of abuse and forced Electro convulsive shocks, so called “treatment “against my will . I got nothing for my efforts and pains but the lawyer Sonja Cooper got a million dollars, so who benefits from all this legal aid and court business ? The lawyers, psychiatrists and the judges, all those who are in control of the little people

Soon Judge Carolyn Henwood will be chairing a group of people going around the country listening to ex patients and other institutionalized people’s complaints
It is the judges who put the people in there in the first place, and now Judge Carolyn Henwood will be listening and doing nothing to help. I wonder how many people she has put in the lock up!! Judges can do what they like if they think fit and they are not accountable to anyone. Why should some people have such power over other’s lives?
In the bible it says Judge not least you be judged
A psychiatric patient has fewer rights than a criminal and at least a criminal knows when they are going to get out. A patient never does and they have done no crime.
Go to the Confidential Forum and they will give you the ph. no of:

1. The Crisis team who will come and lock you up again

2. A psychiatrist who will do the same, etc.

.So it is best to stay home and just make yourself a cup of tea, or talk to friends

Yours truly,

Margaret Parry


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Tue Jun 2 , 2009

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