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Does HM The Queen Control the US Government?

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  1. The US Constitution forbids this the acceptance of awards like this by US leaders for obvious reasons.

(received from Jack via email)



Preparing Quietly & Actively For The New Age

British journalist with The TRUTH AGENDA, Andy Thomas, comments perceptively on politics and public apathy.

“By having become so disconnected with what goes on around us in our names,
we have not stood up in our collective power
– and are therefore as responsible as any global elite for having created the world we live in today.
With the consent granted by our passivity,
we have watched obvious lies and manipulations take away our strength, resolve and liberty,
and have done little or nothing about it.
As such,
we have given away our personal responsibility.”

He and many other journalists are correct about the ruling elite “riding roughshod over the needs of everyday people” and manipulating or indoctrinating the public into consent. He concludes that “To resist successfully, those with awareness must hold on to optimism and strike an appropriate tone if they are to be listened to…….No elite, of any kind, can be infallible, and this offers true hope for the future – if enough people can rise above their fears and speak out, loudly and clearly.”

Unfortunately ANDY THOMAS and other commentators are not correct in assuming that enough people are interested in resisting the ruling elite. Most people have a natural inclination to accept and trust ruling elites and hierarchical centralized control as a practical necessity. They don’t have time for politics and only resist when a large enough crowd can no longer afford their food, drinks, accommodation, entertainment and electronic gadgets. Anything else is fine as long as someone keeps the system going and the welfare payments rolling in. Even when things are really bad, mass movements only pick up enough revolutionary momentum when a foreign power or hidden hand sees an opportunity and finances the movement for their own gain. Thus, the new masters eventually turn out to be no better than the ones they replaced – this futile political cycle is seen in so many countries today.

For the enlightened, caring, visionary and moral minority, it is important to realize that the only way to beat the system is not to support it and to actively encourage other people to do the same. We have to personally adopt the value priorities, attitudes and more frugal, eco-friendly, lifestyle of the new system we want and collaborate with other like-minded visionary pioneers. ANDY THOMAS and others are right about the importance of speaking out; but actions speak louder than words. We have to literally finance ourselves to create an alternative society and remove ourselves mentally and physically from the old without compromise. It’s not easy but essential. Even our actions will not attract any interest until the old system starts to collapse. Only then will people wake up, listen to us and look for alternatives.

As more people follow our example and our new eco-friendly, sustainable, egalitarian and caring communities grow in size and vitality, support will move from the old to the new until the old eventually collapses through lack of support. As so many are predicting – one way or another the old system will eventually collapse; so the choice available to us is either to remain part of the old system and slowly deteriorate with it, or remove ourselves into the new and watch the old collapse more quickly. It’s a hard decision – staying with the familiar old world or adventuring into the quest for a new and better world. Neither will be without pain but the relief and joy as the old gives birth to the new will make the stress and discomfort of this transition  worth the effort and change.

There’s a lesson to be learned from the colonization strategy of particularly the Romans and the British. Large, well-equipped, mobile forces were maintained to oppose any liberation movements in the colonies. Likewise today, the old system has been actively mounting propaganda campaigns and providing disguised agents and new regulations to obstruct any growing, liberating, socio-economic alternatives. Innovative liberators have to be invisible, collaborate quietly, plan and prepare for the moment when people wake up to reality and look for alternatives. Then the prepared plan will be unfolded and the pre-fabricated pieces of the new structure will come together quickly and by surprise.

Sexual abuse, the Catholic Church and society

Sexual abuse, the Catholic Church and society

Catholic church an integral part of the process that produces child sex abuse.

1. Pointing the finger

Laymen and professionals alike have a habit of oversimplifying, taking sides and confusing the issues of child sex abuse. We all love pointing fingers at others, when in fact a deeper, more analytical and balanced investigation of this matter will show that not only the Catholic Church, but everyone and everything is to blame.

2. Relevant information to broaden perspectives

This is a rather obscure fact – sociologists and anthropologists report that for centuries, countless hundreds of thousands of children have been innocently introduced into sexual experiences by older family members or acquaintances, either voluntarily, by persuasive coercion or sometimes forcefully and unwillingly. Published reports by social anthropologists who carried out field studies several decades ago report that it was normal practice for children in certain primitive tribes to be introduced into sexual experiences by adults or the older children of the tribe. Such children experienced these encounters without any trauma and later progressed into uncomplicated adult relationships. Psychologists who study personality development in modern Western society report that some children experience sexual encounters with adults in a positive way, others with mixed feelings and some with serious misgivings. For many children, later experiences and encounters resolved and ameliorated the mixed or negative feelings, allowing progress to uncomplicated adult relationships. On the other hand, children who were violently or forcibly raped would obviously be traumatized. The focus of this article is on sex abuse in the Catholic Church where violence is not typical.

3. Causes of dysfunctional personality

Children who continue to be troubled by early sexual experiences and eventually become dysfunctional personalities are not simply the product of sexual abuse – there’s a lot more to this puzzle. Modern research has found that dysfunctional personalities are almost always the product of both inherited genetic factors and social factors. In fact the dominant factor turns out to be the genetic make-up of the child. The influence of parents or other significant socializers [besides the sex abuser] are contributory factors. To state the situation quite bluntly, not all instances of sex abuse or molesting of children by adults cause trauma or dysfunction in the children involved. Secondly in cases where emotional dysfunction is associated with child abuse, the person identified as the child abuser is only a collaborator (and not the sole perpetrator) in a socio-biological process that produces dysfunction. Only those psychologists who really understand personality development in all its many facets will know and agree with this. Modern research shows that many victims of sexual abuse [including non-violent child sex abuse] have particular personality characteristics and circumstances that will as much attract them to the abuser as the abuser is attracted and alerted towards them. Those children don’t run and hide, most actually return for more of the same.

4. The making of a sex abuser

Now turn the spotlight on the abuser. It is extremely rare that a Catholic priest or brother might enter the religious life with the premeditated intention of molesting children. Biologists and psychologists report that the sex drive is distributed in the human population in widely differing degrees of potency. Many of those who enter the religious life of the Catholic Church have a particular biological constitution which provides little if any sex drive and need for fulfilment within the kind of co-dependency relationship that is characteristic of marriage or co-habitation. These emotionally independent people make ideal candidates for the religious life and fulfil valuable roles within the religious community and in the larger community where they are employed. Institutions like the Catholic Church provide the structure and supportive guidelines within which these rare and honourable people live out their roles of serving others. At the same time, these institutions attract into their ranks others who are less suited to this kind of service. Among these less suited people are some who join up for various personal but consciously unrecognised reasons and eventually end up sexually abusing minors. Psychologists who really understand personality development in all its many facets can explain that these less-suited religious people have previously struggled to develop satisfying personal relationships within ordinary secular society and this struggle unconsciously motivated them to seek an alternative lifestyle within the religious community. To state the situation quite bluntly, the person identified as the sex abuser is not only a collaborator in a crime but is himself or herself as much a victim of the biological constitution he or she inherited and of the circumstances in which he or she was brought up. Some were themselves the victims of emotional or sexual abuse. They grew up unable to understand and deal with feelings of sexual guilt, shame, loneliness, confusion and self-doubt concerning their role in society. In fact deep down inside, they later despise themselves as much as the rest of society does for what they have done to the children. They are helpless, dysfunctional personalities in the sense that they struggle to fit into secular society and later the religious life as well. They are consigned by society to no-man’s-land and are as much in need of help as the children they have abused.

5. The role of the Catholic Church

Now turn the spotlight onto the Catholic Church. All candidates for the religious life are appraised by superiors for suitability to the religious vocation. Usually, unsuitable candidates are rejected by this process. But the insight and experience required to screen out all potential problems waiting to happen is not always available in all quarters. One might also assume that sometimes less obvious issues [like suppressed homosexuality] may be overlooked in the interest of bolstering quotas of candidates. Like others in the rest of society, the senior office bearers in the church are less than perfect. While the failure to screen correctly through lack of insight and experience can be excused, the failure to deal with an obvious mistake cannot.

Then consider, the values and beliefs of the Catholic church. Doctrines of the Catholic church explicitly teach that married life is as noble and valued a vocation as the religious vocation, but the idea that the religious life is superior (spiritually at least if not also in other respects) is implicitly conveyed in the accounts of the lives of the saints and through the rites and rituals practised among the faithful. So it is inevitable that both suitable and unsuitable candidates are attracted to and integrated into the religious life, the latter being the unwitting victims of their biology and circumstances. In fact, if those child abusers and their parents or care-takers had not been subjected to the influence of the Catholic church and instead had been born or adopted into one of those primitive societies already mentioned, they would have been introduced into sexual experiences by older people as a normal part of socialisation and would never have found themselves in the unhappy predicament they now find themselves. In other words, the Catholic church is unwittingly an integral part of the process that produces child sex abuse.

6. What to do about the problem?

Finally, turn the spotlight onto society at large. The consensus of society seems to be that the church should denounce, discharge and punish the child abuser at the first instance and pay huge sums of money in compensation to the abused. What the abused and subsequently dysfunctional person needs is not financial compensation but a properly designed and executed remedial program to correct their personality dysfunction. Unfortunately most psychologists only offer sympathy and the opportunity and encouragement for such children to express their emotional reaction to a past situation of abuse. That is not always enough, but most psychologists know no better and simply do the best they can. So compensation is perhaps in order. Consider the case of adults who were abused as children and genuinely suffered trauma as a result. Such people have a choice set before them. They can either continue to see themselves as victims and continue to wallow in self-pity and demand compensation, or they can resolve to accept help from professionals, rise above their circumstances, move on and be freed from their self pity. Under correct training and supervision they can eventually become good counsellors for helping problem children. They can help children to overcome all kinds of commonly experienced problems in growing up into normal well-adjusted adults, not just the effects of sexual abuse. Society needs experienced over-comers to show the way, not armchair counsellors.

7. The role of society and our genes

The child abuser is both a criminal and a victim. They are the product of their own genetic make-up as well as the product of the mistakes and sometimes unfair treatment by an imperfect society and an imperfect church and are as much in need of help and correction as the children. The child molester has been familiar with loneliness, guilt, mistrust, depression or anxiety, but if they are willing to co-operate in a properly designed and executed long term remedial program they can be cured.

8. Who is going to pay?

But who is going to pay for all this remedial work? The Catholic church??? The Catholic church cannot be blamed for inherited genetic characteristics. Nor can the state. In the light of modern research, should we not be sharing around more evenly, the blame for what has happened, and the responsibility and costs for correcting the mistakes? Surely everyone has a part to play – the church, the state, the abuser and the abused? In reality we should all take responsibility, but in practice I don’t expect to see that happening. We’re all too quick to point fingers. And we’re too caught up in our own little worlds to take on our share of the responsibility. It’s a crazy world we live in.

‘OPEN LETTER/OIA REQUEST’ to NZ Minister of Health Tony Ryall

1) Please provide the information which confirms to what degree, and upon what lawful basis regarding the ‘duty of care’ the Minister can assure New Zealand that the Baxter A/H1N1 influenza vaccine has been adequately tested before its release in NZ.

2) Given that Baxter was recently found to have contaminated its seasonal influenza (H3N2) vaccine with live H5N1 avian “bird flu” influenza virus, please provide the information which explains why the Ministry of Health decided to choose Baxter as the supplier of influenza vaccine for New Zealand for the A/H1N1 “swine flu” influenza outbreak.

3) If the Ministry of Health was unaware of Baxter’s record of manufacturing seasonal influenza vaccine contaminated with live avian H5N1(or bird flu) influenza virus when the order with Baxter was placed, now that the Minister is aware fact that Baxter either has criminally negligent manufacturing practices, or intentionally produced contaminated seasonal influenza vaccine, please provide the information which confirms why the Ministry of Health is not planning to cancel the order for A/H1N1 vaccine from Baxter International.
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Are you aware that the University of Auckland has sent a very comprehensive
questionnaire to natural health stores, as they are doing a funded study of
the industry. Funded by whom??

It is supposed to be voluntary but if the first set of questions are not
answered they are going to send two more, then phone the store.

The information is supposed to be kept secure but why is the study being
done? They want all sorts of information regarding qualifications of store
staff, side effects of health products noted etc. They also want to know
what we think of the failed attempt by the move to become governed by the
TGA last year.

It may be innocent, but there may also be a hidden agenda. Is Medsafe
behind this? Will the information be used to tighten the screws on our
health freedom?

Carol J

Electroshock Therapy

Dear Editor

I went to the High Court 18months ago hoping for compensation for what happened to me in psychiatry many years ago, because of abuse and forced Electro convulsive shocks, so called “treatment “against my will . I got nothing for my efforts and pains but the lawyer Sonja Cooper got a million dollars, so who benefits from all this legal aid and court business ? The lawyers, psychiatrists and the judges, all those who are in control of the little people

Soon Judge Carolyn Henwood will be chairing a group of people going around the country listening to ex patients and other institutionalized people’s complaints
It is the judges who put the people in there in the first place, and now Judge Carolyn Henwood will be listening and doing nothing to help. I wonder how many people she has put in the lock up!! Judges can do what they like if they think fit and they are not accountable to anyone. Why should some people have such power over other’s lives?
In the bible it says Judge not least you be judged
A psychiatric patient has fewer rights than a criminal and at least a criminal knows when they are going to get out. A patient never does and they have done no crime.
Go to the Confidential Forum and they will give you the ph. no of:

1. The Crisis team who will come and lock you up again

2. A psychiatrist who will do the same, etc.

.So it is best to stay home and just make yourself a cup of tea, or talk to friends

Yours truly,

Margaret Parry


His address:

“As a nuclear power – as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon – the United States has a moral responsibility to act.” –Barack Obama


PAG e-NEWS: 27 May 2009

— questioning dogma, ideology, authority, reality, and whatever is left

— peeking behind the curtain

— thinking outside the program

— looking below the surface


Published by Peter A. Gersten, Esq. ()





I am in awe of how well the cosmic casting crew of our program has done with U.S. Presidents. You have to admit that George W. Bush was the perfect person to play Commander in Chief during the “9-11/War on Terror” part of our end-times scenario – and now we have another superb job with Obama – the media-proclaimed savior who is becoming more anti-Christ-like each day. Ironically whereas Bush was appointed President by the U.S. Supreme Court after losing the popular vote, Obama might one day have that same distinction – if and when the Supreme Court is asked to decide whether he is in fact eligible for the office. Our holographic soap opera has suddenly started to accelerate. Please stay tuned.

1) American Grand Jury Unanimously indicts Obama?

“On May 23rd, 2009, the American Grand Jury showed up to indict Obama by handing down presentments. The vote was unanimous. Twenty-seven (27) Jury members attested to the final charges.”

2) America’s Nightmare: The Obama Dystopia

“After 8 years of the Bush-Cheney nightmare during which we saw the wanton destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, the cynical negation of centuries of Law designed to protect the most basic human rights and a foreign policy worthy of Genghis Khan, there came along the ‘Great Black Hope’ in the persona of Barack Obama. The collective world consciousness turned uncritically to what was presented as a new era for peace, change and trust in Government. “

3) Obama’s Democratic Authoritarianism

“He’s not closing Guantanamo, he’s continuing the ‘preventive detention’ policy of the Bush administration under a new rubric (‘prolonged detention’), he’s on board with military commissions (‘reformed,’ of course) and the denial of habeas corpus – and last, but certainly not least, his supporters in Congress have launched a campaign to give him and his cabinet officials the power to close down the Internet in the name of ‘national security.’”

Letter to Dr Nikki Turner Regarding IMAC Whitewashing Gardasil’s Serious Adverse Reactions

This letter was e-mailed to Dr Nikki Turner and Helen Petousis-Harris of the Immunisation Advisory Centre of Auckland University on the 25th of February regarding Ms Petousis-Harris’ letter to The Whangarei Report and Dr Turner’s public presentation regarding the Gardasil vaccine in Whangarei on the 24th.

25th of February 2009

Dr Nikki Turner,
Immunisation Advisory Centre,
Auckland University.

Dear Dr Turner,
In regard to your e-mail dated the 25th of February, your having stated that the HPV vaccine caused the reactions in the girls in Spain during the public forum on the 24th of February did contradict the letter Helen Petousis-Harris wrote to The Whangarei Report.  You also contradicted her when you acknowledged you were aware that in October 2008, over 10,000 adverse reactions, including 27 deaths had been reported to VAERS in relation to Gardasil.
IMAC can not sweep the multitude of serious adverse reactions to the vaccine under the carpet. There is too much evidence in the public arena.  The FDA reports Judicial Watch acquired about Gardasil under the Freedom of Information Act, that were described by Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton as “a catalogue of horrors,” [1,2], being a good example.
I have not found mention of  “motor vehicle accidents” being responsible for what is occurring to those vaccinated as Ms Petousis-Harris tried to claim to The Whangarei Report. There is mention of reactions occurring shortly after vaccination though.  For example, in one case a 14-year old girl took 6 steps after being injected with Gardasil before collapsing and becoming unconscious. The girl regained consciousness after “a 60 second grand mal seizure” and had pale clammy skin and blood pressure of 60/40.
In another case a 23-year old woman was vaccinated with her first dose and went into anaphylactic shock.  The report says that she experienced this 2 minutes after vaccination.
A VAERS report from a physician stated a female patient was inoculated with Gardasil and “Subsequently, the patient experienced a coma and is now paralyzed.”
Eleven deaths occurred less than one week after receiving the vaccine. Seven died in less than 2 days. The most common diagnosed cause was blood clotting.
The VAERS reports Judicial Watch acquired included 78 separate cases where, after receiving the vaccine, patients experienced outbreaks of warts, [1].  When I asked you about people developing warts after vaccination, you denied it was occurring during your talk in Whangarei Dr Turner.
Furthermore, while the Gardasil insert, which can be found on Merck’s website, mentions that the vaccine may lead to pre-cancerous lesions, you did not.
It [did] state[s] on page 14 [top of page 15] of the insert:
“Infected women may already have CIN 2/3 or AIS at vaccination onset and SOME WILL DEVELOP CIN 2/3 or AIS during follow-up, EITHER RELATED TO A VACCINE…”
In relation to this matter the Judicial Watch report states:
“The possibility that Gardasil could make HPV infections worse is very serious, and a matter of concern with both critics of the vaccine and the FDA.  A background document
produced by the FDA’s VRBPAC in May 2006 states:
There were two important concerns that were identified during the course of the efficacy review of this BLA [biologics license application]. One was the potential for Gardasil to enhance disease among a subgroup of subjects
who had evidence of persistent infection with vaccine relevant HPV types at baseline. The other concern was the observations of CIN 2/3 [cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, abnormal cell changes in moderate stage] or worse cases due to HPV types not contained in the vaccine. These cases of disease due to other HPV types have the potential to counter the efficacy results of Gardasil for the HPV types contained in the vaccine . . . The results of exploratory subgroup analyses . . . suggested a concern that
subjects who were . . . positive for the vaccine-relevant HPV types had a greater number of CIN 2/3 or worse cases.
It further states on page 6 of the Judicial Watch report:
“A chart in the committee’s report revealed that efficacy in subjects already exposed to “relevant HPV types” had an observed efficacy rate of -44.6%. The disturbing efficacy rate raises questions as to who should be receiving the vaccine, and why the FDA allows Gardasil to be administered without prescreening for HPV..”
Why did you not mention all these serious problems associated with the vaccine to the group of women in Whangarei and why did Helen Petousis-Harris claim that: “There is no evidence that Gardasil increases the risk of precancerous lesions” in her letter to The Whangarei Report?  Given the rate of sexual abuse of children in New Zealand, and thus potential infection with the HPV, one would think that this matter would be of concern to a caring medical professional.     And what ever happened to informed consent?
Thank-you for your attention to the contents herein.
Clare Swinney


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