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Here is the result of our investigations on the Bioattack in Mexico. Specifically, that the Baxter International laboratory in Cuernavaca Morelos, south of Mexico City, be investigated to determine if it is a bioweapons lab.

Also, I added the link of a 60 minutes show from 1976 to the repercussions of the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine where hundreds of people in the US died and countless others got sick from the vaccine.

Added a link to news reports on:
Lawsuit in Poland against 10 healthcare professionals for intentional experimentation with live avian flu H5N1 virus using homeless people as Guinea Pigs.

Lawsuit files in Austria by Jane Burgermeister against Baxter Intl. for crimes of genocide and bioterrorism.

Baxter & Skull and Bones Connection

Panamerican Health Organization knew of outbreak in Mexico City 18 day before issuing an alert.

An interview with Dr. Juan Carlo David from Argentina where he states that this A/H1N1 virus could only come from a laboratory and was not formed naturally.

Added Secret July 7 OMS Baxter Novartis Sanofi Meeting on Manadatory World Vaccination Program–.html
Download site of documentation of journalist Jane Burgermeister

Links to Dr. Horowitz´s Press Release on the Virus

Horowitz video subtitled into Spanish

In Lies We Trust Documentary By Leonard Horowitz

Andy Waters´ Attorney at Law statement on the dangers of mercury derivateives such as themerisol in vaccines.

Dr. José Lapenta´s Newsletter Warning from Venezuela on the Dangers that mercury-laced vaccines pose.

Report on 12 Argentinean children dead due to experimental GSK pneumonia vaccine:

Links of video where Obama and McCain address the issue of autism and vaccines:

Dr. Boyd Haley´s statement on the use of Mercury in vaccines

Finally, the links to our petition on our site for Mexico are as follows:
Html Document:
Pdf Document:
To sign the petition one has to go to:

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