African Development Hindered by Vast US Corporate Interests in Continent’s Land, Resources

[ Like a clueless bloated tick that’s rammed itself into the neck of a shriveled cow standing in a desiccated field somewhere,

the first world creates and perpetuates the third world.

End of story.

‘National Interests’ are not ‘National’ Interests.

They are ‘International’ Interests.

( And people wonder why there’s bother in the world )

This from – one of the few Western News outlets that haven’t mired and hog-tied themselves with a purely commercial focus and, 

as a result,

it does not seem to be infused with the type of one-eyed, celebrity obsessed, ass-covering, mortgage-paying, ego-driven, and just-plain-dead-useless drivel

that passes for journalism in this country.]

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