The Flu and You, H1N1 And What To Do!

As more and more are concerned about forced vaccinations, the flu, and many other related issues there is a growing need to provide answers. Hopefully I can help you. I have some very important information for you that should answer most of your questions.

Personally, my position is firm, and was made clear when I recently spoke with my state Senator eye to eye. Here is what I asked the Senator, “When is the government going to quit playing doctor and allow doctors to do the doctoring, AND let the doctor and his patients decide between them what is best for them. … and with vaccinations looming on the horizon, there would be no small revolt among many of my colleagues who will refuse to participate in forced vaccinations. Then what will you do?” His answer was not supportive and disappointing.

So, you are correct in being concerned. And I want to help you begin preparing yourself, your family, and loved ones for a highly likely and deadly threat looming on the horizon.

As you know, the current influenza outbreak was recently declared a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization), but it has not been declared such by the CDC. There are a number of reasons for this. Many of which I’m sure you are aware. But soon HHS and CDC will be implementing their plans for vaccinations, and whether you get the vaccine or not, the following information will be invaluable. Again, I want to make clear I am not recommending vaccinations.

Now, what can you do to prepare?

Below is a three step plan.


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