Poison Free New Zealand’s Nationwide Protest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday 13th November 2009

Poison Free New Zealand’s

Nationwide Protest Day

Sunday 15 November – 2 pm

Poison Free New Zealand have organized sixteen nationwide rallies from Great Barrier to Te Anau to protest against the continuous, indiscriminate aerial dropping of the poisons 1080 and Brodifacoum on our so-called 100% Pure Clean Green Country. For more information see the website www.enufisenuf.co.nz.

Yesterday, the Green Party released their policy on the use of aerial poisoning

“The unique natural environment of Aotearoa is precious. We must effectively control the pests that threaten our forests, but 1080 poison should be a measure of last resort”.

Thomas Greve, Nationwide Protest Coordinator of Poison Free New Zealand says “Their policy and the timing of it, shows support for our stand and objective. We share these views, however we ask for a complete ban of ALL aerially dropped poisons, because it is possible to control pests on all types of terrain using alternative methods.”

Peter Dunne has also made a statement: “The Poison Free New Zealand campaign and upcoming nationwide protest has my full support. UnitedFuture is opposed to the aerial application of 1080 and brodifacoum due to the untargeted and indiscriminate killing power of those poisons applied in such a haphazard fashion. I believe aerial poisoning operations present an unacceptable danger to not only non-target indigenous wildlife but also to communities in close proximity to the drop zones. I fully endorse the opinion of the Enuf is Enuf Team that groundbaiting is a more effective and far safer alternative.”

Mr Greve says “We have brought together health-focused, animal rights and environmental groups throughout the country to push for an immediate ban on the aerial dropping of poisons in favour of existing alternatives, creation of fur industries and research into healthy and more humane options”.

The recent release of the Graf brothers’ documentary “Poisoning Paradise” shows instances of how these aerially dropped poisons can enter the food chain thus affecting the overall wellbeing of our country, its people and wildlife. The continued use of the aerial application of these poisons will have devastating consequences on the land and marine based environment and sustainability of our native wildlife populations. This is of concern not only to rural communities but also coastal areas, affecting all New Zealanders.

Spokes Person:

Thomas Greve
Nationwide Rally Coordinator
Poison Free New Zealand
Tel 021 183 7987


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