Western Troops Accused Of Executing 10 Afghan Civilians, Including Children

[ yeah this  -week-    ]


[ it’s worth remembering that the eight year old editorial choices of the -London Times-  were one of the major reasons that we soon found ourselves in a war in the first place ]

Afghan protesters shout slogans during a protest in Kabul

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Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura - The September 11 Episode

Thu Dec 31 , 2009
[ C.S.I. meets -High- -Drama- meets Professional Wrestling meets Navy S.E.A.L.S. meets   -Gritty-    -Questions-   meets Robert Downey Jr. From Natural Born Killers.  Episode II of a series ] [youtube]Tkio6TF0Ufg[/youtube] [youtube]M8490zVpDBs[/youtube] [youtube]s48kHu-zDhE[/youtube] [youtube]ZNQYuV4nqjI[/youtube]
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