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Outphoxing Phox Phucks

[ Too good to stay in the comments section

The amount of systemic blood on Hannity’s hands  is just unbelieveable

h / t :  Monmouth ]

One retired college professor outfoxes two controlled media talking heads

Another college professor in the line of fire,

doing quite well against the Hannity and Colmes tagteam assault on 9/11 Truth

Left Gatekeepers” should note that both of these professors are on the political Left.

And then there is Bob Bowman.

Hannity can insult him,

but he can’t prove him wrong.

In a real debate,

Hannity would appear as the puppet that he is;

as Col. Bowman continued to expose the 9/11 fiction concocted by the government

and promoted by the corporate media.

Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones Tv:

Corporate Media Refuses to Debate 9/11 Facts


Larry King could not find anyone to debate Charlie Sheen! 🙂

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