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This Is The Reality Of Life In America Today

February 19, 2010

We know abstractly that there are Americans out there made homeless by the reckless fiscal policies of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and their servants in the US Government.

We know, also abstractly, that there are veterans of past wars not being taken care of by the nation for which they sacrificed.

And we know, again abstractly, that Americans are going hungry, and are dying of neglect.

But today on the What Really Happened radio show the abstract became concrete when Patricia from Texas called into the show on a borrowed phone to say hello.

And the suffering of our fellow Americans has a voice. It has a name. It has an identity. And we cannot pretend that the problem is just numbers and statistics any longer.

This show and others like it are archived at https://www.gcnlive.com/Programs/WhatR…

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