28 Days Later Jacknife Lee ‘Trainspotting’ Director Danny Boyle‘s entire harrowing interpretation of novelist and screenwriter Alex Garland‘s brutal & terrifying apocalyptic vision distilled by a killer edit right down to just over 6 kinetic minutes – set to an excellent little pounder from Jacknife Lee.

https://smokingmirrors.blogspot.com/2008/04/noam-chomsky-white-knights-and-911.html Les VisibleSmoking Mirrors11 April 2008 Noam Chomsky, White Knights and 9/11 Truth. Well now… it seems that my mention of Chomsky and Raimundo, as well as Palast (but no one chimed in to defend Palast) touched a nerve here and there. Most people agreed with what I had to […]

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