Dutch Government Falls Over Afghanistan


No Comment From NATO Chief

Christopher King expresses the hope that the fall of the Dutch government over participation in the US-led aggression in Afghanistan could be the start of a trend that will see Europe regain its independence from the USA.

Hopefully the split in the Dutch parliament on withdrawal from Afghanistan is a sign that Europe is beginning to recognize who the real terrorists are.


The true situation is so different from the media’s portrayal that the general public finds it difficult, perhaps impossible, to contemplate.

I wonder how much Europe’s politicians understand.

The situation is truly desperate – not for Afghanistan but for Europe.

The Israeli-American axis’s policy is 100 per cent lies and deception.

Since the purpose of NATO is supposed to be the protection of Europe, it is remarkable that we never hear from its chief.

I don’t mean Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the secretary-general who our media always calls the “NATO head”.

He is nothing of the sort.

Rasmussen is the ex-prime minister of Denmark who has no power whatsoever.

He is the mouthpiece for the real head of NATO.

The title of NATO’s real head is Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, currently Admiral James G. Stavridis, US Navy, of whom very few people have ever heard.

The head of NATO is always an American.

This is where the power in Europe lies – with an American admiral, not a Danish political hack.

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