Israel Enlists Its Citizens In PR Efforts

[ … because no-one else is going to do it … ]

Israel Enlists Its Citizens In PR Efforts

Zionist occupation has launched a campaign aiming to boost the entity’s image abroad even as it finds itself in the middle of an international uproar over the suspected role of the Zionist spies in the assassination of a Hamas operative.

Through a new website, TV commercials, and pamphlets handed to passengers boarding planes, the campaign launched this week tries to get Zionists to promote their country when traveling.

But it offers a puzzling take on what foreign attitudes toward the country are, and appears to reflect a view that poor public relations, and not policies, lie at the root of Zionist entity’s image problem.

[ … policies like slow, gradualised territorial settlement expansion ]

Rather than focusing on the passions surrounding the Zionist occupation, the campaign suggests – with a touch of humor – that people abroad believe that camels are a leading form of transportation in the Zionist entity, or that the Zionist like to barbecue outside because they have no gas or electricity at home.

But foreign attitudes toward the country would seem to have little to do with any perception that the Zionist entity is primitive – the country’s high-tech sector and military are widely recognized as among the world’s most advanced – and far more to do with the intractable complexities of the Mideast conflict.

The Zionist entity is still suffering the fallout from its war on Gaza last winter, including war crimes accusations from a United Nations commission.


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