The seventh Israeli radio broadcast an interview with Professor Martin Van-Crevel, a noted world specialist in low-intensity wars. Former Professor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Van-Crevel discussed publicly what he has been advocating for years in closed military academic circles in Israel and the United States. In his view, […]


[ will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere – Israeli border expansion through settlements is at the heart of this conflict. ] Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton rebuked Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday about the state of the U.S.-Israeli relationship, demanding that Israel take immediate […]


Former governor, former wrester… Jesse Ventura has worn many hats. Now he is trying to look out for those who question the official version of the events of 9/11. The Huffington Post calls him a conspiracy theorist, which is actually the name of his tv show. Anastasia Churkina interviewed Ventura […]

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