Anti-Semitism : Zionist Myth vs Truth & Reality

“Even Winston Churchill remarked that the control of the masses of Jews throughout the world by so few was ‘remarkable’.

He couldn’t work out how so many scattered people could be so heavily manipulated and kept apart from the world.”

– R. Allison

Alan Hart views the myth and reality of anti-Semitism and argues that the myth, created and propagated by Israel and Zionism, is the single biggest potential threat to Jews the world over.

There are two definitions of anti-Semitism in its Jewish context.

One was born in real history and represents a truth.

The other is part and parcel of Zionist mythology and was invented for the purpose of blackmailing non-Jewish Europeans and North Americans into refraining from criticizing Israel or, to be more precise, staying silent when its leaders resort to state terrorism and demonstrate in many ways their absolute contempt for international law.

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