Real Food, Real Simple

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about
the world’s biggest industry: the food business.
The food industry has one simple goal…
To persuade you to unquestioningly eat manufactured
junk, made from low-cost garbage ingredients and
marked up to the moon.
This kind of “food” is guaranteed to ruin your health and
the health of your children, but thanks to industry-owned
Uncle Sam and the news media, you’ll never learn the details.
Fortunately, there is a dead simple way to fight
these devils and win.
It’s so simple.

Don’t eat anything that comes from a factory – and that includes meat.

The food industry is bigger than the oil industry and every bit as corrupt and manipulative.

If they had their way, all food would come in a box, filled with low-cost garbage ingredients, and marked up to the moon.

Thanks to their bribery and bullying that already describes the federal school lunch program.

They stand ready to legally attack anyone who speaks the truth, even deep pockets celebrities like Oprah Winfrey who declared on her show she would never eat another hamburger and was sued by the cattle ranching industry for defamation.

It’s remarkably easy to avoid the personal health catastrophe that factory foods lead to : don’t eat them.

It’s that simple.

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