David Ray Griffin Is Coming To Canada May 1,2,3

[ for those of you north of the border whose jury is still ‘out’ ]


David Ray Griffin’s April/May 2010 Speaking Tour Itinerary.
Canadian Dates:

Walkerton, Ontario – Saturday, May 1
Organizers: Paul McArthur
Contact Info: spmcarthur@gmail.com
Name Of Venue: Victoria Jubilee Hall
Address Of Venue: 111 Jackson Street
Starting Time of Event: 700 PM

Toronto, Ontario/ Canada – Sunday, May 2
Organizers: Dick & Diane Wright – Adam Parrott – Eric Hancox – Graham MacQueen
Contact Info: Name Of Venue: Walter Hall – Edward Johnson Building – University of Toronto
Address Of Venue: 80 Queen Park
Starting Time of Event: 700 pm
Approximate Seating Capacity: 496
Name/ of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: Waterloo 9/11 Research Group https://waterloo911.clubs.feds.ca/
Admission Information:
Note: Richard Gage will also be speaking at this event.

Montreal, Canada – Monday, May 3
Organizers: JF Ranger World For 9/11 Truth
Contact Info:
Name Of Venue: Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM)
Address Of Venue: w9t.org/montreal
Starting Time of Event:
Approximate Seating Capacity: 730
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors:

https://www.globalresearch.ca https://world911truth.org/
Admission Information: $10.00 – Students $5.00 Go To: w9t.org/montreal
Note: Richard Gage will also be speaking at this event.

For all the event dates go here:

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