Enjoy Your Health Care Shit Sandwich



The health care “reform” bill isn’t anything that deserves the name reform.

The very word “reform” at least tacitly implies amelioration of social ills.

For those who haven’t seen it, the fact sheet from Fire Dog Lake–a “progressive,” pro-Democratic Party blog

– explains a lot about what is wrong with the bill.

It doesn’t protect or aid the people it purports to and requires you to pay a large part of your income to, not a tax pool, but private companies.

[ … uh … what ..? ]

The bill puts pressure on insurance companies to provide fewer services of lower quality with higher co-pays which means that many people at the bottom levels of society will be paying for services that they can’t even use.

The elevator pitch version?

Insurance companies basically wrote this bill, Joe Lieberman pushed it and insurance company stocks are skyrocketing.

If you need to know more than that, I’ve got a dollar I can loan you to buy a clue.

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