Ripping Off The Public ( video )

A Shill For The Wall Street Crooks


Jim Kramer,

arch Wall Street BS artist,

[ & maybe arch sometime satanist – as judging by him chucking up his H into the camera lens of a network  promotional shoot , there ]

was on the air yesterday shilling for Wall Street right after his former employer was charged
with securities fraud
“You gotta be in the market!” Kramer shouted.
That sounds more like an ad for the lottery
than advice for where to entrust their life savings.

Kramer lectured his listeners that the market
is “not rigged.”
Now for the real story.
He’s some video that shows how Kramer and his friends manipulate the markets

and financially brutalize anyone trusting enough to believe his baloney.


In the first segment, he preaches free enterprise and paints a ridiculously rosy picture of stock trading for amateurs.

In the second segment, he instructs hedge funds on the fine points of how to scam the public by creating false signals in the market.

You’ll know the bear market is when this guy and CNBC is off the air.

Not just his show, but the entire network – gone.

People are going to lose so much money in the next leg down and become so disgusted with scam artists like Kramer,

they’ll leave the market for decades as they did in the 40s and 50s.

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