Is The U.S. Government Planning War To Quell The Tide Of Economic Unrest?

In my opinion and in a word: Yes!


  • “READY FOR WAR,” “U.S. Military told to get ready in Korea Standoff, Obama orders commanders to prepare ‘to deter future aggression.’” By Drudge and MSNBC
  • “U.S. Begins Massive Military Build Up Around Iran, Sending Up To 4 New Carrier Groups In Region” by Tyler Durden
  • “Clinton: Korea Must Face ‘Consequences’ For Sunken Warship”
  • Homeland Security, Northeast Intelligence Network: “The Syrian Missile Crisis: Threat of War Very Real”
  • “The Expanding U.S. War in Pakistan” by Jeremy Scahill
  • “Yemen, Latest War Front?” by CBS News

These are but a very few of the recent headlines about more U.S. war,

but the Iranian and Korean situations are the most dangerous,

and the threats against Iran I think the most real.

United States wars are virtually all wars of aggression, so it is quite evident that U.S. wars are “fought” for reasons other than self-defense.

That means there are ulterior motives involved that are not related to moral behavior, but instead to nefarious intent.

This is a disturbing revelation, and one little understood by the American masses.

It is one however, that if more understood,

could literally blow the lid off the notion that the purposeful buildup of the military–industrial complex is for the defense of this nation!

This thought scares the life out of those in power who need to keep the populace scared to death at all times in order to propagate their crimes.

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