Volcanic & Political Ashes In Iceland & The Maybe Anarchist & Possible Mayor Of Reykjavik

The Icelandic economy has past away and it´s dying wish was to have its ashes spread all over Europe


These and similar jokes we tell each other here in Iceland. And the Icelandic TV reporters who cover the Eurovision song-contest in Oslo at the moment tell us they have heard hundreds of volcano jokes whenever they are around other media people.

Now you in the rest of the world have heard a lot about the recent volcano-eruption over here and even more about the Icelandic bank-collapse and our Ice-Save troubles. Iceland was all over the world media in the last couple of years and more so in the last few weeks.

“We want cash, not ash,” said the British government.

I have a few questions of my own about the volcanic hype and the effects on air travel and if there isn´t indeed a cash-ash connection that has very little to do with our volcano and us. Though that´s a topic for another time.
Today I´d like to talk about the political ashes in our mouths and their after-effects on our political system.

Here are a few rather interesting tidbits you might not have heard about:

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