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The potential magnitude of what is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico simply cannot be overstated. It is far, far worse than is being admitted and what we are allowed to see is catastrophic enough.

When a major event happens we should watch and wait to see what information comes to light before jumping in with ‘it’s this’ or ‘it’s that’. What appears to be one thing at the start can become something quite different a few days or weeks later.

But we now have had enough time to shake our heads at claims that this was just an ‘accident’ or ‘incompetence’.

Beware cover stories of ‘incompetence’, as with ‘incompetent bureaucrats’, because they are so often a veil for cold calculation. The Gulf of Mexico disaster didn’t just happen, it was made to happen.

Mother Jones magazine reported:
‘Tony Buzbee, a lawyer representing 15 rig workers and dozens of shrimpers, seafood restaurants, and dock workers, says he has obtained a three-page signed statement from a crew member on the boat that rescued the burning rig’s workers.
The sailor, who Buzbee refuses to name for fear of costing him his job, was on the ship’s bridge when Deepwater Horizon installation manager Jimmy Harrell, a top employee of rig owner Transocean, was speaking with someone in Houston via satellite phone.
Buzbee told Mother Jones that, according to this witness’s account, Harrell was screaming, “Are you fucking happy? Are you fucking happy? The rig’s on fire! I told you this was gonna happen.’

Yes, and nothing was done because it was meant to happen.

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