Photos and Video Footage of the Plane That Hit the South Tower Examined


Stop video below at 0:09 [or 0:10] to view “plane” hitting South Tower and compare to photos included in this post.


How can the “plane” be so dark in the video above, and yet it appears silver (or chrome-like) in this photo:

And back to a darker looking plane here:

Then there is this photo of the plane, taken sometime before September 11, 2001

Debunkers and trolls on this site tell us that these all represent the same aircraft [flight 175].

Does the video evidence show flight 175 “crashing into” the South Tower?

“What you do see in these pictures , and you can slow them down and look at them frame by frame,

is basically a seamless melting of the image into the wall”


The video above, and the next one, illustrate how easily the planes should have been crushed upon impact.

This clip has a section in english beginning at 2:54


Careful examination of the evidence proves that aluminum planes cannot slip into steel-reinforced skyscrapers.

The videos showing the South Tower absorbing the plane and nothing falling from the plane or building must be fake.


“We are seeing video today that only Hollywood could have produced at another time” – Fox-5 News anchor (9/11/01)


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