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The Ultimate “RED” Herring ~ The Russians Are Back !

The evil, Red communists apparently are back to subvert the sacred institutions of America.
Mainstream media’s contrived naïveté to the idea of deep-cover sex spies from Russia is nothing but a planned diversion for what is the long-standing practice of many nations blending into the halls of corporate recruitment in order to join the Globalist network.
Whether or not the media is trying to peddle a new Cold War is largely irrelevant; we should consider the source.
The media itself is groomed in the very same institutions, and has long been on assignment to defend the establishment corporate control system via well-documented CIA operations of propaganda management.
Former director of the CIA, William Colby, said it himself in 2004:
“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of significance in the major media.”
That being the case, the insinuations of a new Red Scare from a blatant disinformation channel should swiftly be called into question.
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