Kiwi Flotilla Massacre Survivor Speaks


Usually snapping the ‘Inform’ and  ‘Educate’ legs of its ‘Inform’, Educate’ and ‘Entertain’  mandate tripod

in its mad and frenzied dash for ad revenue,

TVNZ news not only -produced- this jaw-dropping piece

but they televised it as well.

Nine people dead, international outrage – and one committed Kiwi activist right there.

Nicola Enchmarch was aboard the Gaza-bound aid ship

when Israeli commandos dropped out of the night sky.

On SUNDAY Nicola gives her first major television interview, a dramatic eyewitness account.

She tells how a friend was shot between the eyes, describes the taunts of the Israeli soldiers,

and calls for an international inquiry.

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

and Israeli policy makers try to cover their own ass and fail here

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