Chem Trails (why?) / Eugenics / New World Order plans to kill the population off with a strain of Influenza-A (a deadly flu virus) starting in the US soon first. (why?)

[ preamble: Sometimes there are messages that the whole internet community shares with one another (like the Palm Beach ballot cartoon); I deeply pray that this message becomes one of those… it is not about anything else but the *hope* that this emergency broadcast message will get transmitted around the world and to many millions of people, hopefully the billions of us. It is far more important than “voting” – this letter is about “living”. YOUR OWN LIFE MAY BE IN DANGER IF YOU DO NOT GET THIS MESSAGE AND PLAN TO REACT.

This letter has absolutely nothing to do with “money” – it has everything to do with your “life”.

I pray you never catch the discussed deadly NWO/H1N1 Influenza-A flu virus now in stock to be soon released to the majority of the Earth’s population which includes you! That is what this recent rash of high altitude chemical spraying above densely populated areas in the US/Canada/Mexico that you may be starting to become aware of is all about – to get microfibers in your lungs to make the virus spread like an unstoppable wildfire. They wanted all of us to build this entire world for them; now they want to claim it for themselves.

Nobody with these microfibers stuck to the linings in their lungs will be able to escape certain death without an appropriate inoculation against the H1N1 “Spanish Flu”-strain virus when it starts becoming an epidemic here in the US first. I am taking a personal day from my other work to get this message out. It is not my intent to fruitlessly scare you or anybody. It is my intent to report these facts to you and inform you! ] People of the world,

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Wed Jul 14 , 2010
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