Massive victory for environmental protest!


The only thing faster than a National Party U-turn on mining is the NZ Police backpedaling going from justifying their shooting of a person in West Auckland because of a ‘gunfight’, to ‘a couple of shots’ to ‘we’re not sure the person we shot even fired at us anymore as they seem to have had nothing more dangerous than an air rifle on them’.

National have to U-turn on mining because they lied about the valuation, they insinuated Billions when we would barely get a fraction of that and they were going to damage our global clean green brand for a couple of magic beans from the corporate mining industry.

Let’s look for where the fishooks in this announcement will be, National will remove any mining near the electorally damaging Auckland region and focus on ripping up land no one sees much, but it is a day where protest forced Gerry and his magical mystery mining money machine to back down, so that when a young Nat sneers that protest never works, we can all point to this political victory and tell them where to stick their anti=protest nihilism.

It’s a great day for environmental protest, we can force a Government to change!


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