The oil spill: The latest developments – 21 July 2010


— Five leaks in and around BP’s well are more like “drips” and aren’t yet reason to worry, said retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the national incident commander. He extended testing of the experimental cap by another day, which means the oil will remain shut in. Seepage two miles from BP’s oil cap is coming from another well, he said.

— BP would like to implement a “static kill” of the well, which involves sending mud and later cement down into the well through the cap, according to BP Senior Vice President Kent Wells. The company is waiting for government approval.

The final closing of the well would still have to be performed by a relief well “bottom kill,” scheduled now to begin in late July or early August if the weather remains good.

By the numbers

$7 billion

The amount that BP is getting from Apache Corp. for oil and gas properties in the United States, Egypt and Canada.

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