Most Powerful Army Fighting War Against People Who Have NO Tanks! NO Planes! NO Ships!

The real problem is that MOST U.S. citizens are so dumbed down by the media that when they hear the truth from the likes of Ron Paul, it just doesn’t even register.

If Chinese tanks were rolling down our streets, [and the Chinese were] kicking in our doors, dropping Missiles from their version of predator drones, our “citizens” would be doing the EXACT same [thing] the so labeled “Taliban” is doing.  – mark97213

Why Do They Want To Kill Us? Because We Occupy Their Land!

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul Force Debate Over Af-Pak War

…The two congressmen offered a resolution ordering President Barack Obama to withdraw U.S. military personnel from Pakistan, saying their presence violates the War Powers Act since it was not approved by Congress. The resolution failed by a very large margin 38-372. The antiwar Democrats are obviously a feeble few. Only 32 Democrats voted for the measure and 6 Republicans as well.

Many opposed used the argument that the War Powers Act only covers troops engaged in hostilities. It seems that in the case of special forces they would be engaged in hostilities. Of course their presence will never be admitted in any event.

The debate gave an opportunity for lawmakers to express their views on the Afghan war as well with divisions within the Democratic party made obvious. However, there are also a few courageous Republicans who are willing to speak out against the war as well. Ron Paul being the best known.  – northsunm32

The War That’s Not a War

by Ron Paul

Statement in the House on funding the war in Afghanistan, July 2, 2010

In January 1991, we went to war in the Middle East against Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s dictator who was our ally during the Iran-Iraq war. A border dispute between Kuwait and Iraq broke out after our State Department gave a green light to Hussein’s invasion.

After Iraq’s successful invasion of Kuwait, we reacted with gusto and have been militarily involved in the entire region 6,000 miles from our shores ever since. This has included Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. After 20 years of killing and a couple trillion dollars wasted, not only does the fighting continue with no end in sight, but our leaders threaten to spread our bombs of benevolence on Iran.

For most Americans, we are at war, at war against a tactic called terrorism, not a country. This allows our military to go any place in the world without limits as to time or place. But how can we be at war? Congress has not declared war, as required by the Constitution, that is true. But our Presidents have, and Congress and the people have not objected. Congress obediently provides all the money requested for the war.

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