Claudia Calvo

Yesterday I saw this excellent BBC video, interviewing CIA analysts, foreign policy experts, etc.  Their opinion is remarkable, namely that the present “War on Terror” is a huge political tool to regain power over the people of the world –after the death of their previous Hen of the Golden Eggs: the Cold War.  One after the other, they underline it: that’s where the famous “Precautionary principle” appeared in plenitude.  They define it –in summary- as: publicizing a potential threat (with no evidence whatsoever)… to impose “solutions” for a control agenda –on the pretext of preventing an imaginary danger.

Another point they made is that “Al Qaeda” didn’t even get its name until after the Kenya attacks propaganda, and that such group -assuming it exists- would merely be a financing system for independent lunatics; not the organized cell that they “sell” -in order to foment their wars.  Also that, when they reverted their “terror busting” on their own countries, US/UK “gloriously captured” some students on holiday in Disneyland (the lack of evidence from their home video becoming “evidence” of their guilt), or people in a pension with a compromising map –marked with “key targets”… that turned out to be a travel plan… forgotten by an Australian backpacker! – and other such “brilliant operations”.  Meaning, the War on Terror is NOT against “terrorists” at all: it is against all of us!!  They need to have us all scared to death, so we accept things we otherwise would send them to hell for (like dying for them in an oil-war, for example).

A couple of years after the convenient “disappearance” of the program, they now shower us with the Precautionary Principle everywhere.  Wondering why it was so familiar, I remembered: it was in a conversation with our health minister, who was trying to convince me of the need for the -knowingly toxic- H1N1 vaccines… against the very hypothetic danger of swine flu, after she didn’t my original letter on the matter..

But why do I go back to the failed “WHO flu”, if the fuss is over?  Well, because it is not over at all!!  WHO is set defending its “level 6 pandemic”, and these couple of months, several countries/groups have dedicated themselves to a huge smearing campaign –or worse- towards those who opened the can of worms, last year.  And well opened, because let’s not forget… the investigation led by Paul Flynn of the Parlamentary Assembly of the European Council determined that the “H1N1 pandemic” was declared by and for the pharmaceutical interests.  Even the British Medical Journal publshed the same.  Of course, EU determined not to take any action about it, regardless of the billions that vanished on the adventure (politics…)

And so, as of this moment, Jane Bürgermeister (the Austrian journalist who heroically went on exposing WHO’s shenanigans, after daring getting in the way of the powerful Baxter at the beginnings of 2009 –uncovering that they nearly unleashed on the world 72 KILOS of seasonal flu vaccine… contaminated with bird flu)… well, the Austrian government intends now to make her pass as “incapable of handling her interests” –for which they want, in less than a week, impose a court custody on her on completely spurious grounds, to “prevent that she ruins herself”…

And Rafal Gawronski, the most vocal Polish journalist in exposing the –very- strange circumstances of the air crash that disappeared all the anti-Globalist sector of the Polish government on April 10… hasn’t been seen –ever since his arrest days ago, close to the new president’s home… while the Polish police says “he was released, but signed a paper saying he doesn’t want anyone to know where he is” (…?)  Another couple of Austrian activists were locked up in a psychiatric asylum –after expressing criticism to the government; only the protest from their blog’s readers have gotten them some attention.  And these days, Andrea Santander in Chile was left even without internet!  Julian Assange of Wikileaks, is being man-hunted for revealing secrets that USA/EU/NATO/UN didn’t want common people to know –namely, the covert genocide through the multiple wars in the Middle East.  But of course (according to them) now it turns out – HE is the criminal!  A few months ago, they tried to pose David Icke for a freemason, photo-shopped and all! Morale of the story: if you want people not to get the message… attack the messenger.

Many activists are in trouble.  Even I –who just translate Jane’s blog and occasionally write a few articles, read by few people- was “exposed” in splendor as part of a controversial religious group (a relationship of the past, that I never hid).  Everyone who wants to find something out passes through the same process of learning from experience, and you can search for the truth anywhere… yet often come out with more than you bargain for!  Ask Parmenio -and other journalists -disappeared over the years…

But WHY is all this going on now, instead of last year?  In a (very) strong video,  Alex Jones powerfully exposes the medical system this week, making a serious accusation: that even the impending war on Iran (that more and more analysts say the US can’t win –unless it is nuclear) is little more than a screen for a new and brutal plan for neurotoxic vaccines, real “injectable lobotomies” –and that they plan to make mandatory… through the “swine flu pandemic” laws; and for a relentless rise in toxins in the food and water of the entire population of the world.

OK, mind you; it might be we are all wrong (I wish we were)… but everything seems to indicate they are about to launch a new vaccination mega-campaign -and that they need the usual loudmouths to shut up once and for all -or disappear- for it to work.  So I will use THEIR weapon: the Precautionary Principle; if I got into real hot water… I’ll rather have the WHY known in advance!  Precaution is indeed good to prevent trouble… assuming you use it in its real sense of “curing in health”… and NOT the way The System applies it.

Precautionary principle should mean that, (knowing agrochemicals and GMOs are even worse on the farmer/eater… that on the “plagues” they are supposed to eradicate)… their use should be banned once and for all.  It should be (to prevent a disease) to keep a body in great health and with good defenses… and NOT sweating chemicals from every pore.  It should be to teach children how to circulate on the streets, so they don’t get hit by a car…

But no; they don’t use it that way. Should they apply their version of the “PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE” to the kids-on-the-street issue, they would either ban the cars, or ban schools…

Their system for agrochemicals is: let no-one know how bad they are, and if someone talks too much, sue him.  With disease, first of all they authorize whatever poison the trans-nationals produce –without ever mentioning how harmful they are; true, there is no Chinese candy in the stores anymore, but do they tell you how companies such as Taco Bell, McDonald’s, KFC et al -flavor their “food”, and what they put in all the junk snacks that kids –and older kids- munch on all the time?  MSG, trans fats, GMOs… ouch!  Just like aspartame (introduced by Donald Rumsfeld –also the “introducer” of the infamous oseltamivir or Tamiflu -that worsens any normal cold…and of the wars on Afghanistan/Iraq -nice resume).  They make you avoid sugar like the plague –because of diabetes -but they stuff you with aspartame or fructose under a thousand names… without ever telling you that those chemicals cause an even worse insulin response than sugar itself!!

And let’s not even get started about viruses.  According to them, our bodies are useless and, as a “precaution” -besides vaccines and pilling oneself against Life itself– we should live in sterile bubbles, if possible only communicating through virtual reality.  They want us SO scared that –maybe- something might kill us someday… that we won’t dare to LIVE!!

Of course, they would be caught dead -before admitting that organic fruits/vegetables and (decently treated) farm animals DO feed you -and even detoxify the body.  Neither will they tell you that sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride -and even the very humble lemon- are great anti-virus, anti-cancer substances… Nor that deodorants (even the “anti-cancer” brands) contain aluminum –a carcinogen that also causes Alzheimer’s.  Nor that the vulgar Phillips Milk of Magnesia is extremely effective –and cheaper and SAFE- as deodorant…!  The thing is, they only mention their “Precautionary Principle”… if it generates billions to their owners –besides “frequent flyers” to pharmacies and hospitals.

That’s why they are –again- running to force kids and other helpless people to dump another bunch of viruses into their bodies (H1N1 + additional ones, this time), as a Precaution –“so they won’t get the flu”.  No way, they won’t inform you that several studies have revealed (not just Cochrane Collaboration as usual, but several in Canada and other places) that children who got vaccinated against the flu are –many times –more prone to… suffer from the flu, asthma attacks, etc….

Much less will they inform that Australia cancelled the seasonal vaccination months ago, due to the huge rate of convulsions –and deaths- in kids after the trivalent vaccine –the one they want to stick you with.  No, CCSS and Health Ministry say: “there are no reports of adverse effects from the H1N1 vaccine”.  (Neither did they mention them when the bird flu vaccine, but their last legal resource fell recently -and CCSS now have to pay 2 affected persons from that short vaccination, after years in trials).  Of course, they are medical personnel, quite aware of their rights, and they managed it –fortunately!

But now, what about the healthy girl who had a terrible eclampsia (8 1/2 months pregnant –a fully normal pregnancy… until 4 days after getting the vaccine in her last prenatal, the poor thing)?  How is the other one who (also after 4 days) nearly cut her baby in half, when the birth canal closed in mid-delivery, and they had to perform an emergency C-section to save them both?  What about the numerous “spontaneous” abortions –always 4 days after the jab?  Of the months-long migraine of those who allowed themselves to be vaccinated?  Of -at least- one Guillain Barré case… who won’t talk, for fear of CCSS?  Of all those who “died of something else”… always on the sempiternal 4 days after the shot?

Sorry, but to my limited understanding, PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE implies to look for the most safe, reasonable and ethical possible way to solve something.  And I don’t see WHAT is safe, reasonable or ethical… in using a grave (known) danger –in order to “avoid a potential danger”.

Where is it SAFE to put fluoride (that “idiotizes” and causes fluorization (which in turn weakens the bones and teeth) and that blinded kids in India, among others); in the water and toothpaste everyone uses… under the pretext of “preventing cavities”?  Let’s not forget the Nazis used it in Auschwitz, to keep their prisoners nice and obedient…  If you just mix peroxide with baking powder, you don’t run such -real- risks … and teeth will be nice, strong and white -without need to “Colgate” (hang yourself, in Spanish)

Where is it REASONABLE to bring in a whole army “to chase war trafficking” –only to be filmed praying the Virgin of the Angels for no violence -and maybe, planning to put the blame on HER, if there is violence after all?  Or to make the armyless Costa Rica participate in the Panamax military exercise (with which military, dear Lord, and passing our Neutrality -on which part of the body?)  ¿Where is it ETHICAL to attack Iran or Venezuela… in order to prevent that they –maybe- make a tantrum with their oil, someday?

In my view, this only serves… to CAUSE the very thing it is said to “prevent”. Armies generate violence; they don’t eliminate it.  Wars generate conflict, they don’t prevent it.  A virus you inoculate intentionally –with mercury and whatnot- generates a systemic viral reaction, it DOESN’T stop it!!  And the worst is that all those things put together… end up forming people more similar to herds of sheep –than groups of Persons.

But sheep… are bigger and stronger than sheepdogs, and MUCH more numerous.  If they only knew they are only “cared for and protected” in order to be shorn and eaten… they could leave the corral easily, regardless of what the shepherd and his mongrel say or do!  (Nothing against herding dogs, just in case: I bred Belgian sheepdogs years ago.)

Or -could it be possible that… THAT is exactly what they want to prevent?  Could THAT be why, these days, if a kid dares to be too smart or independent, they encase him an “Asperger’s disease” or something like it –as if he were “too dumb”… and stick him back in the herd at psychotropic-point?  WHY are they so scared of us??

Could it possibly be that -if awake- we would be SO luminous and powerful… that they must poison us to keep control over us?  We all could give a little study to Gregg Braden’s Isaiah effect –the best way I’ve ever seen of putting science and spirit together- and who could help us understand… ¿WHO are we, really? Which  in turn takes us to… WHAT DID WE COME HERE TO CHANGE, EXACTLY, IN THESE MOST FASCINATING OF TIMES??

With huge LOVE to all of Humankind (including “shepherds and their dogs”, by the way), and praying that EVERYONE awakens, really… to the Force we all have inside,

Claudia Calvo.

P.S.  In the video, Alex Jones tells a great truth about those who implement the plans for the Great Globalists -in detriment of everyone: he says that they shouldn’t imagine for a second that their masters will treat them very well afterwards -in case they get to obtain their nefarious objective… It is true: in any system of abuse that has been successful, the indispensable traitors… are invariably the first to fall.  I just mention it as a humble suggestion -and to wholeheartedly invite you… to consider becoming again a part of the human race!


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